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華語文能力測驗關鍵詞彙:高階篇(The Ultimate Guide to Chinese Vocabulary and TOCFL (Band B Level 4)

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  這本書幫助你擴充關鍵詞彙,同時可準備 TOCFL 華語文能力測驗


  ‧選詞出自 TOCFL 華語文能力測驗--高階級詞彙,有效準備測驗


  Great Supplement to enlarge your word bank!
  Best self-study material for Chinese vocabulary and TOCFL!
  Comparison and Contrast of key vocabulary items!

  ‧The Ultimate Guide to Chinese Vocabulary & TOCFL (Band B Level 4) is designed in the form of different test types of TOCFL (The Test of Chinese as a Foreign Language) to better improve the capability to understand and use the key vocabulary items of Chinese.

  ‧Besides self study and self test, the exercises can be a good way to get familiar with and prepare for TOCFL.

  ‧The exercises in the book not only provide answer keys but also compare and contrast all other similar vocabulary items that are related but with different usages, or vocabulary items that are easily-mistaken.

  ‧The first part of each unit is the listening comprehension exercise. It can also help enhance the learners’ listening capability.

  ‧Sample sentences are provided to help learners fully understand the meanings of the vocabulary items and how and when to correctly use them.

  ‧This book is ideal for learners with the equivalent level of Band B, Level 4, TOCFL or B1, CEFR.
  It is suitable for users to assess their own learning results and also useful for teachers who wish to test students’ level of proficiency.

  ‧This book is highly recommended by Steering Committee for the Test of Proficiency-Huayu, SC-TOP




  國立臺灣師範大學國語教學中心資深華語教師,合著有《實用中文讀寫》、《A Plus Chinese》










Unit 1 個人資料
1-1 姓名、國籍、出生、年齡、性別、婚姻
1-2 職業、宗教、信仰、家人、喜惡、外貌
1-3 居住型態、房間設備、費用

Unit 2 房屋與家庭、環境
2-1 地理環境
2-2 氣候與出產
2-3 自然變遷、環保

Unit 3 日常生活
3-1 家居生活
3-2 工作場所、收入
3-3 學校生活
3-4 未來規畫、公共服務

Unit 4 休閒娛樂
4-1 空閒時光、嗜好及興趣、運動
4-2 藝文活動、娛樂媒體
4-3 智識及藝術追求

Unit 5 飲食
5-1 飲食種類、型態、作法
5-2 外食、餐廳服務

Unit 6 與他人關係
6-1 人際關係、邀約、信件往來
6-2 組織成員
6-3 社會文化

Unit 7 健康及身體照顧
7-1 身體部位、身體狀況
7-2 衛生、個人習慣
7-3 疾病與意外、醫藥服務、保險

Unit 8 旅行
8-1 國內旅行
8-2 離島旅行
8-3 國際旅行

Unit 9 購物
9-1 網路購物
9-2 夜市購物
9-3 百貨公司購物

Unit 10 教育
10-1 選系
10-2 教育制度和系統
10-3 語言、電腦、溝通等能力

Answer Keys 練習題解答


  The goal of the book is to help users prepare for TOCFL (The Test of Chinese as a Foreign Language) Band B Level 4; therefore, the editorial team used the list of Band B, Level 4 from the 8000 Chinese words, provided by The Steering Committee for the Test Of Proficiency-Huayu (SC-TOP), as reference to write this book. We also used the “Categories of Tasks and Fields from TOCFL” as well as the Basic Scenarios of Vocabulary List from the book, “Basic Wordlist for Teaching Chinese as a Second Language Version 1.0” (Crane, 2010) and compile and make into ten main themes. Each theme is composed of three units, 30 units in total.

  Each mock test in this book is written according to the test types in TOCFL. All the exercises in the units are presented in five parts: 1. Dialogue listening comprehension, 2. Sentence completion, 3. Blank-filling, 4. Material reading, 5. Short essays. A list of key vocabulary items (thematic expressions, useful expressions) is also provided to help the learners review the vocabulary items. The book is designed for self-study, and hence, answer keys and listening texts are attached at the end of the book. The key vocabulary items in the multiple choices are also provided with detailed explanations and sample sentences as further illustrations.

  This book is suitable for: learners of Chinese whose native language is non-Chinese, learners of Chinese whose study hours in Taiwan reach 360-960 hours, or learners of Chinese who are overseas with study hours of 720-1920, and also learners whose vocabulary bank is around 2500-5000 items. It is also ideal for test-takers of Band B Level 3, TOCFL. This book is also a perfect reference material for Chinese teachers to use in their classes.

  With this book at hand, the learners of Chinese will definitely master the vocabulary items and enhance their Chinese proficiency, and meanwhile pass TOCFL successfully.
Editorial Team at MTC, NTNU
December, 2017


  • ISBN:9789570850321
  • 叢書系列:聯經華語 Linking Chinese
  • 規格:平裝 / 376頁 / 19 x 26 cm / 普通級 / 雙色印刷 / 初版
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