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Bancarotta!: An Allegory About Central Banking - Or, What Ron Paul Didn’t Say in End the Fed

Bancarotta!: An Allegory About Central Banking - Or, What Ron Paul Didn’t Say in End the Fed

  • 作者: King, M. S.
  • 原文出版社:Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
  • 出版日期:2015/10/21
  • 語言:英文
  • 定價:540
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116 Pages / 220 Illustrations Why is it that so many people are in so much debt at the same time? Does it seem strange to you that no matter how hard one works, and in spite of all the advances in society, most hard working people cannot escape the treadmill of perpetual debt? Why are so many families losing their homes to foreclosure? Why are so many households dependent upon credit cards to supplement their income? Why does it take TWO working spouses to maintain a middle class lifestyle when it used to take just one? Why are so many young people still living at home with their parents? Why do prices always creep up? Why, in spite of continued economic "growth", are living standards actually falling? * You know in your gut that something isn't right in this world. But you don't have the "Economics education" to figure it out. It all seems too complicated for you to put your finger on, so you just keep slaving away to pay interest and taxes as your dollar buys less and less. Just keep working like a dog and leave the matter to the "experts" and politicians to handle. * But it's all very simple really. So, how exactly did we all become debt/tax/inflation slaves? 'BANCAROTTA ' breaks it down for you in the form of a very simple to understand allegorical short story set in the medieval Kingdoms of Pizza & Pasta and Beer & Strudel. You will truly be amazed at how quick and easy it really is to understand the world we live in today. ****** "Bravo This entertaining and very funny illustrated allegorical tale taught me more about money, banking, politics and history than 4 years of business school and 10 years of following the business reports. A must read for everyone on this planet that lives under the criminal system of debt-based central banking." -- Patricia Harris / Fresno, California



M. S. King is a private investigative journalist and researcher based in the New York City area. A 1987 graduate of Rutgers University, King’s subsequent 30 year career in Marketing & Advertising has equipped him with a unique perspective when it comes to understanding how "public opinion" is indeed scientifically manufactured. Madison Ave marketing acumen combines with ’City Boy’ instincts to make M.S. King one of the most tenacious detectors of "things that don’t add up" in the world today. Says King of his admitted quirks, irreverent disdain for "conventional wisdom", and uncanny ability to ferret out and weave together important data points that others miss: "Had Sherlock Holmes been an actual historical personage, I would have been his reincarnation." Among other works, King is also the author of: The Bad War: The Truth Never Taught About World War 2 Planet Rothschild (2 Volumes): Forbidden History of the New World Order The War Against Putin: What the Government-Media Complex Isn’t Telling You About Russia. The REAL Roosevelts: An Omitted History King’s website is TomatoBubble.com and his Author page at Amazon.com is ’M S King’. His other interests include: the animal kingdom, philosophy, chess, cooking, literature and history (with emphasis on events of the late 19th through the 20th centuries).



  • ISBN:9781518730351
  • 規格:平裝 / 128頁 / 27.9 x 21.6 x 0.8 cm / 普通級




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