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Practical Use of International Etiquette, 2/e

Practical Use of International Etiquette, 2/e


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  The Practical Use of INTERNATIONAL ETIQUETTE A Practice Workbook for ESL Classrooms

  The globalization of the world, instant communication, and an increased contact between cultures means that there is a call for students of all disciplines to develop a better understanding of other nations and cultures even in the smallest of things. Whether it is fair or not, people make character judgments about others based on how they handle social and business situations. Mistakes in behavior can make or break us. This workbook course help students to be better prepared for a world where etiquette rules are not simply a matter of instinct.

  Designed for the ESL classroom, this course is not simply a listing of etiquette rules, but is designed to help students learn how to deal with actual situations with a primary emphasis on language use through communicative methodology with reading, class discussion, and group exercises.

  This second edition of The Practical Use of International Etiquette adds an innovative chapter on driving etiquette which covers major concerns of safety and courtesy. Five new countries are added to the Appendix, thereby giving general etiquette rules of thumb for a total of 17 frequently traveled countries.



1. A Note to Teachers i
2. A Note to Students iii
3. Case Study Overviews iv
4. Chapter One: What is Etiquette? 1
5. Chapter Two: First Meetings 11
6. Chapter Three: Workplace Etiquette / Corporate Culture 37
7. Chapter Four: Business Meetings / Negotiations 53
8. Review Section 73
9. Chapter Five: Dining Out / Restaurants 81
10. Chapter Six: Dining In / Entertaining at Home 105
11. Chapter Seven: School Etiquette 121
12. Chapter Eight: Internet Etiquette 141
13. Chapter Nine: Driving Etiquette 159
14. Review Section 173
15. Appendix: A Selection of Countries and Guidelines 181
16. Final Comments 238
17. Useful English Websites 239




Jeffrey E. Denton / 唐傑夫

  國立高雄師範大學英美文學博士、美國奧克拉荷馬市大學法學博士;現任國立高雄第一科技大學應用英語系副教授。Associate Professor at National Kaohsiung First University of Science and Technology. PhD in English and American Literature, National Kaohsiung Normal University. Juris Doctorate, Oklahoma City University.

Hui-fen Tang / 唐惠芬

  美國奧克拉荷馬市大學英文教學碩士,現任高雄東方技術學院應用外語系講師。Instructor at Tung Fang Institute of Technology. Masters of Arts, Oklahoma City University



  • ISBN:9789574457281
  • 規格:平裝 / 256頁 / 17 x 23 x 1.28 cm / 普通級 / 雙色印刷 / 二版
  • 出版地:台灣


For good or for bad, people judge other people by the way that they behave in different situations.  Manners, or rules of etiquette, are essential in modern, advanced cultures.  The more affluent and successful a people or a culture gets, the more they want to know how to behave correctly.  The rules and guidelines for manners differ from culture to culture but all cultures have these rules.  If you want to succeed in your dealings with other people, regardless of what culture they are from, you need to have a basic understanding of what and what not to do in different situations and environments.  Learning the rules for the culture(s) that you wish to interact with or live in will give you much more confidence and send a message to people that you are a refined and well-educated person or at the very least that you fit in.  People will respect you and not find it difficult or somewhat offensive to deal and be with you.  What many people forget is that the rules of etiquette must be learned, they don’t come naturally.

Acceptable etiquette is usually dictated by the cultural norms of a group.  That group may be large like an ethnic culture or even the majority of the people in a country or region, but can also be comparatively small such as the culture of a company or religious grouping.  It is impossible to cover all the possible variations of etiquette rules, and many are not even known until you come into contact with the group in question.  However, there are generally accepted rules for different regions and peoples that make life much easier for you when you find yourself among them.




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