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Solving Problems with dowsing A book for new dowsers: Over 15 ways to improve your dowsing, even if you are working by yourself, don’’t have a lot of r

Solving Problems with dowsing A book for new dowsers: Over 15 ways to improve your dowsing, even if you are working by yourself, don’’t have a lot of r

  • 作者: Dowser, Henry
  • 原文出版社:Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
  • 出版日期:2013/05/25
  • 語言:英文
  • 定價:671
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What is dowsing? It is the use of intuition, with a readout device, or scale. Dowsing is also expression of intent. Does it work? In a word, yes. In fact, it is always working, in the background, because intuition, intent, and awareness, are always on. Dowsing is paying attention to what is already there. This book gives the basics of, and how to solve problems with, dowsing. In our Western Culture, the Church was threatened by Science, and they agreed to split the unseen world and the seen world, or head and heart. In Newton and Descartes' physical world, there is no action at a distance, other than gravity. The whole is merely the sum of the parts, for we live only in a physical world. But that is only a paradigm, a limiting belief system, in one culture. Dowsing has been used for 98% of human history. For those who doubt this, spend a year in the woods, with almost nothing of civilization. Dowsing is as natural as breathing, or seeing. In the so-called civilized world we live in, there is a lot of noise, and static, which blocks the conscious sensation of dowsing. Let's use a metaphor. When I was a kid, we would buy shoes at a Department store, usually Sears, Roebuck & Co. As I recall, we had to first locate the Department store. The grocery store did not sell shoes. Then, we had to locate the shoe department. We would get to the style we wanted. Then a shoe salesman would come out, size my feet, and get 2-3 selections of shoes. I would try them on, pick what felt best, and we'd buy them. Anything physical can be used as a metaphor. For dowsing, first we get to the store- the correct state of mind, the EEG state. This must- must- be at least the Alpha EEG, of about 7-14 Hz. Then we have to go to the correct department- just as a dowser must narrow down the scope of what s/he seeks, with finely crafted questions. Then we get preliminary feedback, and work with the subconscious mind- the salesclerk- to refine what we seek. The subconscious mind goes to the superconscious, and returns with the answer. We get it, and then work with it. Dowsing critiques say it doesn't work, that it has been debunked, because it can't work. The French Academy of Sciences debunked meteorites, in the 1840's, because there were no stones in the sky. About 1908, the New York Times debunked heavier-than-air flying machines, as impossible. In the late 1890's, the head of the U.S. Patent Office proposed closing this office down, because everything that could be invented had been. In college, I was surrounded by people saying Science was the only truth. They forgot to add the all-important tagline, "for me". The Universe is far bigger than our models of it. The Subconscious mind takes in more than 60 million bits of information per second. It filters the information, based on your belief systems, and gives you what the filters allow through, as 6-8 bits of information. Which has more data to work with? Have you ever been driving, and suddenly came back to awareness, and wondered where the last 10 miles went? Or writing or reading, and suddenly you realized you were 5 pages ahead, and weren't aware of it? Who was "driving the bus", metaphorically? Science measures at most 10% of existence- the replicable, easily measured part, the material world. It is only a department in a store in the shopping district, metaphorically. I like it. But it is only one channel, on a cable provider that has billions of channels that I've been able to count. Dr. Richard Feynman noted that the observer principle, in Quantum Mechanics, is very important. What you observe is what is real, to you. What you do not observe is not real, to you. The human organism is more sensitive than any measuring device currently in existence. Lyall Watson details 35 known senses, in his book Lifetide. Dowsing, as with any intuition, can only be learned, and proven, through direct experience. This book helps beginners learn to dows



The authors include a retired military officer, a housewife, and someone who works in the financial services industry. Each has extensive experience with dowsing, over decades. Due to limitations by employers, we have chosen to use the pseudonym Henry Dowser, to recognize the dowser character in the Alvin Maker series, by Orson Scott Card, as a symbol of the fact that dowsers were once part of every community.



  • ISBN:9781482688573
  • 規格:平裝 / 280頁 / 22.91 x 15.19 x 1.5 cm / 普通級 / 初版
  • 出版地:美國




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