One of Those Days

One of Those Days

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"Yehuda and Maya Devir began illustrating their life in comics when they moved into their first apartment together in Tel Aviv as newlyweds. In the years since, One of Those Days has become one of the biggest webcomics on the Internet, with millions of followers around the world. Yehuda Devir grew up on superhero comic books, and the Devirs’ visual style is downright kinetic and bursting with life. In this collection--the first time that the Devirs’ comics have been compiled in one volume--they share stories that are heartwarming, hilarious, and universally recognizable. So even for those who don’t feel like pulling out an assault rifle to wage war on a kitchen cockroach, the Devirs’ challenges and triumphs are instantly familiar to anyone who’s had one of those days."



Yehuda and Maya Devir are married Israeli comic artists and the creators of the popular web comics "One of Those Days". The hyper-energetic Yehuda Devir "makes the ants look lazy," according to Maya. He discovered his love for drawing in infancy when he began painting on his bedroom walls, and was particularly influenced by American comics and film industry. Maya Devir is a "goddess in a form of a woman who spreads joy wherever she goes," according to Yehuda. She is a realist artist, the "One of Those Days" art director and specializes in the art of teasing Yehuda. The couple both studied Visual Communication at Bezalel, Academy of Art and Design, Jerusalem. Today they live and work in in their small, quiet apartment with their new baby girl, Ariel.



  • ISBN:9780593231432
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