• 作者: Dettmer, Philipp
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  • 出版日期:2021/11/02
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擁有超過1600萬訂閱者的科普頻道Kurzgesagt—In a Nutshell,以可愛精緻的動畫介紹科普知識,吸引全球觀眾目光。頻道創立者菲利浦.戴特莫跨出影片形式,以令人身歷其境的解說,將複雜難懂的免疫學,轉化為精彩無比的紙上知識之旅,帶讀者了解這個人體的重要系統。



YouTube好評科普頻道Kurzgesagt—In a Nutshell創立者,帶你一窺人體免疫系統的奧妙!
  擁有超過1600萬訂閱者的YouTube頻道Kurzgesagt—In a Nutshell,以可愛精緻的動畫介紹各種科普知識,吸引全球觀眾目光,成為YouTube最受歡迎的頻道之一,這次,頻道創立者菲利浦.戴特莫跨出影片形式,以帶有該頻道標誌性風格的插圖、令人身歷其境的解說,將複雜難懂的免疫學,轉化為精彩無比的紙上知識之旅,帶領讀者輕鬆了解這個人體的重要系統。(文/博客來編譯)

  A gorgeously illustrated deep dive into the immune system that will forever change how you think about your body, from the creator of the popular science YouTube channel Kurzgesagt—In a Nutshell
  “Through wonderful analogies and a genius for clarifying complex ideas, Immune is a truly brilliant introduction to the human body’s vast system for fighting infections and other threats.”—John Green, #1 New York Times bestselling author of The Fault in Our Stars
  You wake up and feel a tickle in your throat. Your head hurts. You’re mildly annoyed as you get the kids ready for school and dress for work yourself. Meanwhile, an epic war is being fought, just below your skin. Millions are fighting and dying for you to be able to complain as you head out the door.
   But most of us never really stop to ask: What even is our immune system?

  Second only to the human brain in its complexity, it is one of the oldest and most critical facets of life on Earth. Without it, you would die within days. In Immune, Philipp Dettmer, the brains behind the most popular science channel on YouTube, takes readers on a journey through the fortress of the human body and its defenses. There is a constant battle of staggering scale raging within us, full of stories of invasion, strategy, defeat, and noble self-sacrifice. In fact, in the time you’ve been reading this, your immune system has probably identified and eradicated a cancer cell that started to grow in your body.

  Each chapter delves into an element of the immune system, including defenses like antibodies and inflammation as well as threats like bacteria, allergies, and cancer, as Dettmer reveals why boosting your immune system is actually nonsense, how parasites sneak their way past your body’s defenses, how viruses work, and what goes on in your wounds when you cut yourself.

  Enlivened by engaging full-color graphics and immersive descriptions, Immune turns one of the most intricate, interconnected, and confusing subjects—immunology—into a gripping adventure through an astonishing alien landscape. Immune is a vital and remarkably fun crash course in what is arguably, and increasingly, the most important system in the body.



Philipp Dettmer is the founder and head writer of Kurzgesagt, one of the largest science channels on YouTube with over fourteen million subscribers and one billion views. After dropping out of high school at age fifteen, Dettmer met a remarkable teacher who inspired in him a passion for learning and understanding the world. He went on to study history and information design with a focus on infographics. After college, Dettmer started Kurzgesagt as a passion project to explain complicated ideas from a holistic perspective. When the channel took off, he dedicated himself full-time to making difficult ideas engaging and accessible.



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