Friends Like These

Friends Like These

  • 作者: McCreight, Kimberly
  • 原文出版社:Harper Paperbacks
  • 出版日期:2022/08/16
  • 語言:英文
  • 定價:684
  • 運送方式:
  • 臺灣與離島
  • 海外
  • 可配送點:台灣、蘭嶼、綠島、澎湖、金門、馬祖
  • 可取貨點:台灣、蘭嶼、綠島、澎湖、金門、馬祖
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  • 痛快!揭穿富人小圈圈謊話連篇的假掰形象──讀懸疑小說《完美夫妻》


    「女性雖然不是少數,但我們之間有一種共同的連結。這個連結不是地理、宗教或是文化上的,而是一種共有的生命經驗。這些經驗是只有女人才會經歷過的掙扎。」──維權律師艾瑪.庫隆尼 為什麼犯罪推理小說在全球歷久不衰?或許其中一個原因,就是來自五湖四海、各行各業的作家,總能在作品中細膩刻劃 more


A GMA Buzz Pick

"Kim McCreight’s thrillers are smart, propulsive and impossible to put down." --Laura Dave, author of The Last Thing He Told Me

In this relentlessly twisty literary thriller from New York Times bestselling author Kimberly McCreight, a desperate intervention brings together a group of college friends 10 years after graduation--a reunion marked by lies, betrayal, and murder.

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Six college friends have reunited for a glamorous weekend in the Catskills, a decade after a fatal accident that nearly destroyed them. Keith, once the ringleader of the group, was a handsome charmer on the fast track to success. Now he’s spiraling into addiction and stands at the edge of losing it all. This weekend is the last chance to save him.

But Keith, it turns out, is not the only one who needs saving.

By dawn on Sunday morning, a car has been found deep in the woods--one of the friends is dead, another is missing. When a local detective turns up to investigate, it’s clear the group is hiding something ominous.

Haunted by her sister’s murder years ago, Detective Julia Scutt has her own share of problems. But she’s a skilled detective, and knows a rehearsed story when she hears one. It is up to Julia to untangle a decade-long web of friendship, lies and betrayals to discover the truth. But first she needs to face her own past--including the secrets that could, in the end, offer the key to everything.

A story of unconditional love, obsession, and the sometimes-impossible choices we have to make in the name of loyalty, Friends Like These is a relentlessly twisty, roller-coaster of a novel.



  • ISBN:9780063061576
  • 規格:平裝 / 320頁 / 普通級 / 初版
  • 出版地:美國




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