The Future Designer: Anthropology Meets Innovation in Search of Sustainable Design

The Future Designer: Anthropology Meets Innovation in Search of Sustainable Design

  • 作者: Leube, Michael
  • 原文出版社:Routledge
  • 出版日期:2024/06/19
  • 語言:英文
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During periods of environmental and societal upheaval, design has the potential to be a formidable catalyst towards a sustainable future. However, to unleash its full power, significant shifts in both theory and practice are imperative. This book adopts a unique approach, blending anthropological perspectives with philosophy and cognitive science, and advocates for a thorough transformation of the existing design curriculum.

Supported by a vast body of literature in evolutionary science and design research, the book presents a blueprint for fostering more sustainable patterns of production and consumption. This blueprint is grounded in human virtues rather than vices and proposes a new curriculum tailored towards pro-sociality and sustainability. Leveraging his extensive professional background and expertise in the circular economy, Michael Leube offers practical examples, methods and tools for implementing sustainable approaches in the practical work of experienced designers. Showcasing cutting-edge innovations for pro-social and humanitarian design, the book ultimately argues that if we change the objective of design from creating desire to creating value, we can solve many of the most pressing social problems, from the cooperation of citizens to sustainable cities.

The book will be useful for those studying and teaching design and anthropology, and it will also be an important tool for practicing designers and engineers interested in learning how to design for social and ecological awareness.



Michael Leube, a design anthropologist, serves as a university professor, author and consultant. Co-authoring two books on the circular economy and contributing to numerous articles in scientific journals, he specializes in design for social innovation and humanitarian design. His unique approach integrates anthropology, ethics, and sustainability to shape a forward-looking design education focused on resilience. This approach has garnered invitations to instruct at prestigious design and architecture schools across Europe and to speak at design consultancies like IDEO and Fjord. Notably, he delivered a TED talk titled "Why designers should urgently listen to anthropologists." Leube has held positions as professor of anthropology at IE University, University of California, University of Santa Clara, London School of Economics, Syracuse University, and Salzburg University of Applied Sciences.



  • ISBN:9781032735535
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