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[預購] Take a Note 2021 REGULAR PLANNERA5 English ver.

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Exclusive in English version

The planner is available in English. By using two colors to demonstrate workdays and holidays, replacing Chinese lunar calendar with moon phases, which make the planner simple and beautiful. The design offers a flexibility that caters to those who do not need Taiwanese holidays and people worldwide as well.

01 Take a Note The beauty of the paper
The cover of the planner uses NT RASHA from Takeo Company of which saturated color and warm touch, making NT RASHA widely adored by all walks of life. The 2021 cover color is dark blue (こいあい), the darkest indigo dye. It was a popular color along with brown and grey in the Edo period.
Tomoe River Paper providing great writing experience
The Tomoe River Paper from Japan is suitable for pens, dip pens, color pencils, etc. Its advantages of light weight and smooth writing makes it to be the first choice for Take a Note 2021 REGULAR PLANNER.
180-degree lay-flat binding
Take a Note 2021 REGULAR PLANNER is clothbound in a bare-back hardcover, ensuring that the planner can be easily spread 180 degrees.

02 Take a Note Exclusive Design
Two-day per page + vertical timeline
Just the ideal size of page that keeps enough space to record daily trips and lessening the pressure to fill the whole page.
Horizontal mini calendar
Record the important itinerary in your mini-weekly calendar and preview the weekly task. With this mini-calendar, it is definitely a useful tool to arrange trips.
Correspondence between the monthly plan and the weekly plan
Each week of the monthly plan is marked with the corresponding weekly plan page number, and each page of the daily log is also attached with a page number. In addition to being able to flip quickly to the corresponding date, the user can use the bullet journal to make an index in any blank space of the log. This way, it makes it easier to summarize the notes of the same project.

03 Page’s Design

You can choose from a variety of page formats to suit your preferences.

Calendar and Yearly Plan

Yearly calendar spans from September 2020 to April 2022:
A calendar covering 20 months that is convenient for you to arrange cross-year trips.

Yearly plan with Gantt chart for various usages:
A Gantt-chart like Yearly plan allows users to view the whole year’s holidays, work days, favorite exhibitions, as well as to record workout hours or arrange shifts to meet various schedules.

Monthly Plan

16-month Monthly plan:
The monthly plan spans from December 2020 to March 2022, making it easy to arrange year-crossing trips.

Large free space:
Lots of grid around the monthly plan allows users to use freely.

Weekly Plan

Exclusive “2-day per page vertical timeline + mini weekly calendar” format:
Providing plenty of writing space and convenient for cross-checking schedules.

3.5 mm grid, dotted lines and light colors to reduce visual interference, the grid is drawn with dotted lines.

Reducing the color filling in the lunch break area makes it easier to categorize the scheduled itinerary in the morning and afternoon.

24-hour flexible timeline-The timeline covers from 6 am to 3 am. schedule for the remaining three hours can be recorded in the free space below the timeline.

A clear line separating the timetable-the timetable is separated with a light-color solid line, which allow users to distinguish between word and private hours, as well as work and to-dos.

30-minutes scale-time planning can be as minor as half an hour.

Mini monthly calendar- Demonstrate the week number of the weekly plan.

Mini weekly calendar-write down your weekly calendar to view the important arrangements for the week. If you do not use the mini weekly calendar, this free space can be a useful free note area.

The page number corresponds to the first page of the monthly plan.

Moon Phase-Replacing traditional Chinese lunar calendar with the moon phases, which allows users to experience the changes of time naturally.

The solid line separates the four quadrants, making it easy to prioritize work.
A 3.5mm grid drawn by dotted lines makes line-drawing easier.

Product Name:Take a Note 2021 REGULAR PLANNER (English version)
Paper:Tomoe River 68gsm white Tomoegawa-made paper for pens.
Size:A5 (14.8 × 21 × 1.3cm)
Weight:about 300 grams
Welcome Page 1p
Yearly calendar 1p
Yearly plan 1p [2021.01-2021.12]
Monthly plan 32p [2020.12-2022.03]
Weekly plan 212p [2021.01-2021.12]
Note page 8p
Personal information page 1p
Freebie:A transparent PVC book cover 
Packaging|Eco-friendly paper envelope, there is a chance to get a special color during the pre-order
Graphic Design:Take A Note
Product Design:National Taiwan University Press
Producer:National Taiwan University Press



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