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海外輕鬆購物 相關問題

海外輕鬆購物 相關問題

如何在博客來購物送往國外How to shop in Books.com.tw and send to foreign countries? TOP

博客來提供簡單又安全的交易環境,在進行交易前,需請先加入為博客來會員 ,加入會員是完全免費的,於加入完成後,即可開始購物!

Books.com.tw provides a simple and safe trading environment for you, please become the  Books.com.tw member before trading, which is completely free, in doing so, you may start your shopping trip now!

此外,目前博客來僅提供網路訂購,會員需自行于網路上完成交易,客服人員無法代為訂購,亦無法接受以電話、e-mail 或傳真等其他方式下訂單。

At present, Book.com is only open to online ordering; members need to complete transactions online by themselves, which can neither be placed by customer service personnel, nor by telephone, e-mail or fax.


The following is the shopping process for an order:

STEP1 將商品放進購物車前,請先點選網頁最上方的「登入」,輸入帳號或e-mail、密碼,進行登入。另外,您也可以利用facebook帳號快速登入。

STEP1 Before putting the goods into shopping cart, please click "login" on the top of the webpage.

Enter your account number 、e-mail or Facebook account、 password to log in .

STEP2 將商品加入購物車中

STEP2 Add goods to shopping carts.


STEP3 確認購物車明細,並選擇『海外結帳』

STEP3 Confirm the details of shopping cart and choose "Overseas Checkout".

STEP4 選擇您配送方式
STEP4 Chooses your distribution mode.


STEP5 Choose payment method and tick preferential discount package to use.

STEP6 Provide the Customer Information and Recipient Information 

STEP7 若已勾選使用E-Coupon/單品折價劵,則需填入或選擇抵用品項

STEP7 If choose E-Coupon Discount Coupons/Single Item Discount Coupons to use, please fill in or select the items to be deducted.


STEP8 After confirmation, tick the "Notice of Overseas Delivery Rights and Interests" and check out.

海外訂購付款方式有哪一些 What type of payment is for overseas order? TOP

目前寄至海外地區的訂單,僅接受:「信用卡線上付款」及「ATM轉帳(限以台幣支付)」、「 Line Pay付款」、「銀聯卡付款」、「信用卡線上付款」、「支付寶」、「街口支付」、「OPEN錢包」、「icash Pay」方式。

We only accept “Credit Card online payment,  ATM transfer (TWD), Line Pay, Unionpay Card, Alipay ,JKO Pay,open wallet,icash Pay for overseas order right now.


※我們目前可接受VISA、Master Card、JCB,三家發卡組織的信用卡,另亦可使用銀聯卡再線支付。

We currently accept credit card of VISA, Master Card, and JCB. Moreover, we accept  UnionPayt.

If overseas member use ATM transfer to effect payment to pay for the goods, then he needs to have a chip card and install a card reader to link to web ATM payment. Please refer to “The instruction of Taiwan bank web ATM” for the operation method.


※海外會員使用「ATM轉帳」方式付款,需持有我國銀行發行之晶片金融卡,並裝置讀卡機,連結至網路ATM 繳款。操作方式請參考「臺灣銀行網路 ATM操作說明」。

For overseas members who use the "ATM transfer" method to pay, they need to hold a chip credit card issued by a bank in Taiwan, install a card reader, and connect to the online ATM to make payment. Please refer to the "Instructions for Online ATM Operation of the Bank of Taiwan" for the operation method.



The price of the goods and postage on the Books.com.tw website are all calculated in New Taiwan Dollars. If the credit card number you entered is that of a foreign card, a dual currency screen will appear. The system will preset the "USD" transaction by default and you may choose the currency in which you want to pay. If you choose to trade in USD or other currencies, you will be asked to confirm again after sending out. The actual payment or refund depends on the exchange rate conversion on the day of the order payment and it is advised that you check with the bank that issues your credit card.

想購物送人,該如何修改收件資料 How to modify the receiving data if you want to buy for gifts ? TOP


In the "Receiver Information" of the checkout process, the system default data can be deleted so as to enter a new one. 
In addition, we would like to remind you that the packing list will be sent to you along with the goods, not separately. (On the packing list there will indicate the goods name, amount and quantity, etc.)

商品寄往海外,運費如何計算 What the shipping rate is? TOP

海外宅配郵資相關計算方式如下 The postage is calculated as follows


運費如下表The freight is shown on the table below:

若商品(含包裝)長×寬×高(公分)÷ 5000 >實際重量(公斤),則以長×寬×高÷5000 計重

Overseas freight:If the size of the goods( packing is included) is

Length x Width x Height(cm) ÷ 5000 > Actual Weight (kg), then we calculate its freight according to Length x Width x Height ÷ 5000



The freight of weight above 5 kg>>>


港、澳、新加坡馬來西亞店取運費計算 Overseas Pick up at Store Freight in Hong Kong, Macao ,Singapore and Malaysia


Each order is limited to 8 items, because we deliver the goods by the way of international shipping in response to the decline of oil price we have fuel surcharge; also for our costumer in Hong Kong, Macao, Singapore and Malaysia, we charge the fixed shipping rate in accordance with the following table and have no additional charges.

Table of Freight in Hong Kong&Macao

Table of Freight in Singapore

Freight of Package: Total weight < 0.5 kg, then we calculate its freight based on 0.5 kg. If 0.5kg < total weight < 1kg, then we calculate its freight based on 1 kg so on and so forth.


Table of Freight in Malaysia


訂購時如何變更數量 How to change quantity when ordering? TOP


Members can change the quantity in the shopping cart list after putting goods into it.


Please note that if you order limited goods, only one can be ordered in one order.

如何確認已完成訂購 How to confirm that the order is completed? TOP


When your order is completed, the "Order Number" will be displayed on the webpage and the order details will be sent to the email address of this order.
Except [ 7-11 Payment upon Pick up] and [Payment on delivery], Books.com.tw will send you the a letter "Notice of Payment Receiving" for other payment methods allowed after confirming the order is paid successfully, and then the order will be processed. You may also enter the "e-mail backup  in My account" to query the details. If you do not the letter after payment, or if the status of the order in "My account" is still unpaid, it may indicate that the order is not paid successfully; and if the payment is overdue, the system will cancel the order automatically. It is suggested that you replace the order and then pay it timely.

購買後多久可以收到商品 How long can we receive the goods? TOP


If the goods in the order are our stock in hand, the shipment of orders from overseas home delivery will be in 1-3 days(clearance time is not included).

In regards to delivery days please refer to the following table:


If you choose to pick up your goods at 7-11 stores in Hong Kong, Macao and Singapore, the parcel will be delivered to that store and a message will be sent to you.


所有商品都可以送到海外嗎 Can all the goods be sent to foreign countries? TOP


If items cannot be sent overseas, we will make a footnote on the merchandise page and the shopping cart. Please refer to the following graph which describes its delivery method on the merchandise page.


Additionally, you can narrow your search range through the PC version to tick the checkbox (HK & Macao Stores, Singapore Stores, and Overseas Delivery to Home ), then you can know whether your goods can be sent overseas or not. Please refer to the graph below:


If your order contains items that are out of stock or pre-ordered, you will not be able to choose pick-up at store.




According to related provisions of administrative measure for dangerous goods in air transportation by civil aircraft, for the goods are classified to 9 categories of dangerous articles, for example, fluid, jelly, spray, pressure vessel, oxide, toxic substance, magnetic substance, battery, or other articles which can be used by man-made operation, can have an impact on aviation safety, or any other article which are explosive, flammable, or can result in dangerous reaction, high temperature, corrosive or flammable gas, steam, are all restricted to be delivered by aircraft.

In order to avoid goods to be detained due to such problems, and thus goods can not be received in time or resulting in a fine, goods of makeups in special cabinet, open-shelf type cosmetic surgery, and body care related goods, and goods of creative life, watch and accessories, gourmet, 3C, and home appliance are not available for overseas delivery.

Related explanation please refer to the regulation of Civil Aeronautics Administration.

海外購物是否會產生關稅Is there any tariff for overseas shopping? TOP

(1) 每個國家都有進口關稅規定,當貨物到達進口國時,該進口國會依貨物種類及價值而核訂進口關稅。而商品寄出後是否會被收關稅,與使用寄送方式無關(DHL、UPS、及一般航空郵寄…等都可能會被收取)。

Each country has its import tariff provision.  When the goods arrives the import country, that country will approve the tariff of the goods based on the category and value of the goods.  After the goods are sent, they will be subject to tariff or not has nothing to do with delivery method of the goods.(DHL,UPS, ordinary air mail and etc. will be subject to tariff)

(2) 各地的海關有可能會對包裹進行抽查,並依當地所製訂的進口關稅規定, 核定貨物是否需要繳交關稅或是免稅,並向收件人收取不等之關稅。

Each custom can do a random inspection and approve the tariff of the goods according to local regulation.

(3) 博客來將依商品實際價金填寫申報,並請海外物流人員針對寄至海外的包裹進行確認,依其專業知識協助,以適當的方法寄送,希望避免有關稅的情形發生。

We will declare dutiable goods in accordance with its actual price. Furthermore, we will have our logistic officer to make confirmation for the parcel sent overseas. They will take advantage of their professional knowledge to help your parcel be sent with an appropriate method in order to avoid unnecessary tax.

(4) 各國可能依進口關稅規定,核定貨物是否需要繳交關稅、消費稅。當商品受到抽檢,其費用將由收件人負擔。若收件人不願取貨,相關費用或貨件遭銷毀、退回之損失,亦由訂購人自行負擔。

Different countries may have different tax regulations to determine whether the goods need to pay customs duties or consumption tax. If the product needs to be under inspection, the cost will be borne by the receiver. If the receiver is unwilling to pickup the product, the relevant costs or damage will be borne by the ordering person.

如何追蹤我的包裹(tracking number) How can I track my parcel? TOP


After the goods are sent, you can check your tracking number in My Account, and we will send you a shipping notice to the E-mail box that you write down on the order.  In that notice a name of the shipping company and a delivery number will be enclosed so you can track your parcel with that number on the website of the shipping company.

無庫存商品要調貨多久 How long does it take to transfer goods without stock? TOP

Books (traditional books): about 7-14 working days.

Simplified books: about 45 working days for overseas inventory. It is suggested you place the orders of simplified books and others separately.

foreign books imported for overseas projects, the transfer time is about 1 to 2 months. It is suggested you place the orders of foreign books and others separately. 

(Long-term subscription) Chinese magazines: no need of transferring, but the invoices and magazines will be sent separately, that is, the magazines will be sent out after published.

Japanese, European and American magazines and MOOK: about 7-14 working days, but if there is no stock at Taiwain and needs to be re-imported from overseas, it will take about 3-4 weeks.

影音商品(如CD、DVD...):7~14個工作日左右;但若是海外項目進口的影音商品,調貨時間約1~2 個月。
Video and audio products (e.g. CD, DVD etc.): about 7-14 working days; but if it is the audio and video goods imported for overseas projects, the transfer time is about 1-2 months.

General merchandise: about 3-10 working days; the invoice of goods delivered by vendors will be sent by Book.comBooks.com.tw, and the goods will be sent out within 7 working days.

*If the goods you ordered cannot be delivered within normal time limit (e.g. books are reprinting by publishing house or out of stock by vendors, etc.), we will inform you by e-mail for the status of transferring; and if the goods cannot be sent out completely or are continuously stockout, we will actively recommend you to cancel order to prevent you from waiting a long time.


如何取消訂單 How to cancel the order? TOP


For the moment, the functions "Cancel Order Online" and "Cancel Order by Reservation" are available at Book.comBooks.com.tw, members can go to the "My account" to make changes of goods.

Step 1: Login "My account">"Transaction History">"Order Query".



Step 2. Click "View Details" to enter the order details. *Only undelivered orders can be changed, so it is suggested you set the order query condition as "Undelivered orders".


Step 3. Change the order,Click 「Cancel」


*Only undelivered orders can be cancelled directlyOr click "Reserve Cancellation"


※Orders under processing can be reserved for cancellation Or click "Application for Reserving Cancellation" to complete the order cancellation.



*After the system data is processed, it will send a letter to inform you whether the order is cancelled successfully according to the status of your order.



*If the order progress is shown as "Under delivering", "Delivered" or "Arrive at outlets", it means the goods have been sent out and the order cannot be cancelled. In addition, if you want to cancel the goods of "Delivery by Vendors", "Overseas Home Delivery", "Overseas Shop Collection" or ticketing network, please call or write to the customer service personnel to get their help.


※目前博客來僅提供整筆訂單或單一商品的全部取消,無法針對數量進行異動。例:會員訂購5本《達文西密碼》,欲取消2本,由於線上取消的功能無法提供數量異動,因此需請會員與客服人員聯繫處理。若為任選活動而組套出售的促銷商品(如:任選x本x折、滿額加購 / 贈品...等活動),不可單品取消、退貨,需整筆一併取消。若取消訂單中部份商品,于「會員專區」-「訂單查詢」-「看完整內容」點入後所查詢之訂單總額不會變更,但實際領貨時,所需付款金額將以您出貨之商品為准。

*Currently, Book.com only allows the overall cancellation of an order or a single item and can not just change the quantity. Example: a member orders 5 copies of <Da Vinci Code> and wants to cancel 2 copies, since the online cancellation is not able to change the quantity; this member needs to contact customer service personnel for help. As for promotion goods sold in packages for optional activities (e.g. optional x-books for x-discount, buy goods at special discount when reaching certain amount, or with gifts etc.), they cannot be cancelled or returned with just a single item but as a whole. If part of goods is cancelled, the total amount of the order queried through "Members Area"-- "Order Query"--"View Details" will not change, but the amount of payment will be based on the goods actually delivered to you.

商品已經寄出了該如何變更寄送地址 How to change the receiver address when the goods have been sent out? TOP


After the goods are delivered, it is impossible to change the name and address of receiver, and if it cannot be delivered to your original address successfully, the goods will be returned to Book.com and the member will be notified by email.

如何設定海外常用收件資訊 How to set up commonly used overseas receiver information? TOP


Five groups of receiver information are provided for our members to facilitate your selection in the checkout process. If you want to set up commonly used receive information, please go to the "Settings/Maintenance" of "My Account" and select "Commonly used outlets and receiver information".


 At most 5 commonly used overseas address can be added through the menu of "Adding Commonly Used Overseas Receiver Address".

 You can also define the editing sequence, and the system will give priority to the common address in the first position of editing sequence when placing order. If the editing sequence is not defined, or the same sequence is set, the address you added first will be preferred.


After setting, please remember to select "Save changes" to complete the process.


If you want to delete some receiver address from the menu, please check "Delete" and then select "Save changes".

為何包裹內只有出貨清單沒有發票 Why is there only packing list and no invoice? TOP


If the members want to ship out the products overseas (no matter the purchaser is in Taiwan or not or  the company in Taiwan), we will issue you an "zero-tax-rate" invoice for the order. Books.com.tw has to give this invoice to National Taxation Bureau and keep it for reference. For that reason, there is no invoice for the ordered products send to overseas.  



However, each package we ship out will go with a shipping list for the members to check the products books.com.tw ship out are the same   as those in the shipping list.  



If  you need to claim reimbursement, you can call or write to provide your order number and your Email  to us.  We will scan the invoice and attach it with the email to send to you.

刷卡失敗怎麼辦 How to deal with the failure of card swiping? TOP

使用信用卡線上付款,卻出現錯誤訊息05? 此訊息的拒絕交易原因僅有發卡銀行才會知道,建議會員可向發卡行查詢。或請改以其他信用卡訂購。

Payment online with credit card but with error message 05: only the card issuing banks know the reason for the refusal of this transaction, and it is suggested that members consult the bank or place order with other credit cards.


使用信用卡線上付款,卻出現錯誤訊息922? 此訊息的拒絕交易原因是3D 交易認證錯誤,建議會員可向發卡行查詢。

Payment online with credit card but with error message 922: the reason for refusal of this transaction is because the 3D transaction authentication is wrong, and it is suggested that members consult the card issuing bank.


使用信用卡線上付款,卻一直出現系統繁忙的畫面? 出現此訊息,可能是當時網路忙線或博客來資料庫忙線,此時建議您可稍候再試即可。 但若一直出現此訊息,請先確認網頁安全性是否調整為「中安全性」或「中低安全性」。若確認過安全性卻仍無法完成訂單,可能是由於您的會員資料有部分為亂碼,因此造成系統無法通過信用卡訂單。在此煩請來函提供會員帳號及網頁出現的訊息,客服人員將于查詢後盡速回復您。

Payment online with credit card but there is always a menu of system busy; it may because the network or the Book.com database is busy at that time. It is suggested that you try again later. However, if this message keeps appearing, please check whether the security of webpage is adjusted to "medium security" or "medium-low security" at first, and if the order still cannot be completed after the security is confirmed, it may because some of your members data is mess code so that the order with credit card cannot be approved in the system. We would like to invite you to write to us to provide your member account and messages on the webpage, our customer service personnel will reply to you as soon as possible.


使用信用卡線上付款,相關注意事項 信用卡公司交易的簡訊,僅表示您的發卡行已提供授權給商家,但實際尚未扣款。若您於訂購過程中有其他原因導致交易失敗,此時博客來不會就此筆交易向銀行申請扣款,請您放心。 另若您曾於購物流程中點選「確認,送出訂單」,我們即會將您訂購的商品記錄為曾經購買過,但是否實際完成訂購,仍需請您透過「會員專區」-「訂單查詢」查看是否訂購成功,此訊息不影響您再次訂購相同商品。

Paying with credit card and receiving related attentions and transaction message from credit card company only means your card issuing bank has authorized the vendors but not actually deducted money. If there are other reasons leading to transaction failure during the ordering process, you can rest assured that Book.com will not apply for a deduction from the bank for this transaction at this time. In addition, if you have clicked "Confirm, Issue Order" in the shopping process, we will record the goods you ordered as having been purchased, but whether you have actually completed the order still need to be checked through the "Members Area" - "Order Query". And this message will not affect your re-ordering of the same goods.


提醒您,刷卡過程請勿中斷網路、往返上一頁、關閉或重新整理網頁。訂單付款失敗,該如何處理? 請確認付款失敗原因後,先與發卡行聯繫,或更換其他信用卡進行付款。另您可於付款失敗頁面點選「重新付款」進行後續刷卡流程,付款是否成功將再發函通知,您屆時亦可至會員專區進行查詢。

We would like to remind you that during the card swiping process, do not break the network, back to previous page, close or reorganize the webpage.How to deal with the failed order payment? Please confirm the reason at first, contact the card issuing bank or use other credit cards to pay. Furthermore, you can click "Pay again" on the Payment Failure Menu to proceed with the credit card swiping, whether the payment is successful or not will be notified to you by a letter, or you can also query in the "My Account".



The system will cancel the order automatically if it is not paid successfully within 10 minutes after the order is placed. It is recommended that you pay again after replacing the order.



Please refer to the table below for the codes and reasons.

LINE Pay 付款遇到問題 怎麼辦 How to deal with the problem of LINE Pay payment? TOP

LINE Pay為LINE推出的行動支付平臺,僅需註冊您的電話號碼和電子郵件帳號,並於LINE Pay綁定信用卡後,消費時僅需輸入專屬密碼即可完成付款,付款是否成功將再發函通知,您屆時亦可至會員專區進行查詢。

LINE Pay is a mobile payment platform launched by LINE. You only need to register your phone number and e-mail account, and bind your credit card to LINE pay, then  you can complete the payment only by entering the exclusive password when consuming. Whether the payment is successful or not will be informed to you by a letter, and you can also query in the "My  Account" then. 

若有LINE Pay相關問題,您可至以下連結查詢 LINE Pay:https://line.me/zh-hant/pay

Please visit the link: https://line.me/zh-hant/pay for questions related to LINE Pay.


若您的訂單金額滿10000元以上,無提供LINE Pay付款服務,建議您改選擇其他付款方式(例如:信用卡、ATM轉帳…等)

If the amount of your order is over $10,000 and there is no LINE Pay service available, it is suggested that you choose other payment methods (such as credit card, ATM transfer, etc.)


若於結帳流程中,誤將LINE Pay付款視窗關閉,則無法再次支付;訂單成立後20分鐘內,若未收到LINE Pay授權通知,系統將自動為您進行訂單取消,建議您可重新成立訂單後再進行支付。

If the LINE Pay payment window is closed by mistake in the checkout process, it will not be able to pay again. And if the LINE Pay authorization notice is not received within 20 minutes after the order is placed, the system will cancel the order automatically and it is suggested that you replace the order and pay again.


銀聯卡線上支付 遇到問題 怎麼辦 How to deal with the problem of Unionpay card online payment? TOP


It will take 30 minutes to confirm whether the authorization has been completed and whether the transaction has been successful or not will be informed to you by a letter, and you also can query in the "My Account".



Payment success page is only the initial response message of your UnionPay Card issuing bank, whether your transaction is completed or not, you need to wait 30 minutes to confirm whether the actual authorization of UnionPay Card is completed, and whether the transaction is successful or not will be sent to you by another letter, and you also can query in the "Members Area". If there is an error message in the ordering process, it is sent by the the UnionPay Card Bank. It is recommended that you consult the UnionPay Card Issuing Bank at first or click to choose other cards for payment, please do  not close the payment window so as to avoid being unable to pay again.


If the payment window of UnionPay card is closed by mistake in the checkout process, it will not be able to pay again. If the authorization notice of UnionPay card is not received within 30 minutes after the order is placed, the system will cancel the order automatically and it is suggested that you replace the order and pay again.

ATM 付款遇到問題怎麼辦 How to deal with the problem of ATM payment? TOP


If you choose ATM  payment, the payment account of the order will be displayed on the webpage, My Account and your order letter after the order is completed. You need to pay the order in lump sum within a specified time (1 days, 24 hours) to avoid the cancellation of order. After Book.com confirms the payment is successfully booked, the goods will be sent to the receiver address of the order. If ATM transfer payment is chosen, the transfer fee will not be refunded to you in case of order cancellation or goods return in the future, hope to get your understanding!

*You need to hold the financial card issued by banks in Taiwan and transfer at ATM or through online ATM. Please do not use counter remittance.


After the payment is completed, since the payment account of Book.com is different for each order (combination transfer of multiple orders is not allowed and need to be transferred separately), the system will generate the payment account for the order which is completed, when the payment is booked into the account, the system will charge against your order and you need not to confirm with us again.  In addition, you can also login the "Members Area" to query the status of your order.


If there is an error message during your transfer, please confirm whether the payment amount is in accordance with the total order amount, and whether the account entered is correct. If it is confirmed correctly but still impossible to transfer successfully, it may because some ATM programs have not been updated and the transfer account number of 16 bits can not be accepted. Please change an ATM to try again. 


因由於銀行作業時間為週一至週五(不包含例假日),早上9:00至下午3:30,若您已過作業時間轉帳,則款項將於次個工作日下午才會入帳,待銀行入帳後才可於博客來「會員專區」中確認。若您在付款後2個工作日仍收到博客來的「未付款通知」,或在「會員專區」中訂單狀態仍顯示待付款,請先確認此筆付款是否成功,若確認無誤,請將轉帳單據傳真至博客來,並注明訂單編號、姓名及聯絡方式,我們將請相關人員為您查詢及處理。 博客來傳真電話:02-27885008

Because the working time of banks is from Monday to Friday (excluding holidays), 9:00 a.m. to 3:30 p.m., if you fail to transfer within the working time, the payment will be booked in the afternoon of next working day and then be confirmed in the "My account" of Book.com. If you still  receive the "Unpaid Notice" from Book.com 2 working days after payment or the order status in the "My account" is still shown as "Unpaid", please confirm whether the payment is successful or not. If it is paid, please fax the transfer data to Book.com and indicate the order number, name and contact method, we will assign relevant personnel to query and help for you. Book.com Fax Number: 02-27885008.

查詢商品出貨進度 Track the shipment progress TOP

At present, members can query the status of delivery by themselves through login the "My account"-- "transaction history"--"order query".

The meaning of various messages in order query is:

Order received: Book.com.tw has received orders placed by members.

Unpaid: Book.com has not received any payment from its members.

Under data Processing: Book.com is preparing to transfer your order to logistics center.

No stock, in transfer: Book.com has no stock and are still transferring goods for members.

Enough stock: Book.com has enough stock. If all items in the order are shown with "enough stock", it will be delivered within two days. If part of the goods in the order are shown with "Enough stock" and parts with "No stock, in transfer": Book.com will collect the goods for about 7 working days, if can't transfer all the goods then, those with enough stock will be delivered at first. 

Delivery processing: goods are picking and packing by logistics center, and then will be distributed to vendors.

Too big parcels cannot be delivered to outlets: If you select the 7-ELEVEN pickup mode, but the logistics center find your goods is too big to be delivered to outlets, we will inform you by email to change it to "Collect COD" mode. Your order status in the “Members Area” will be changed to "Too big parcels cannot be delivered to outlets", please write to tell us your convenient distribution information and our customer service personnel will handle it for you as soon as possible.

Transfer to vendor storage area: the goods will be transferred to distribution vendors.

Under delivery: The goods have been distributed by vendors and members may pay attention to whether they have received the "Notice of Delivery".

Delivered: The goods have been delivered to the designated receiving address

Arrived at outlets: The goods have arrived at the outlets, please check whether you have received the notice of pickup or you may check the copy of the notice in the "My Account" >"Mail Backup".

Unclaimed, orders cancelled: the pickup of goods has expired and parcels have been returned to the logistics of Book.com, if members still need the goods, they should replace the order. 

Not pickup, order cancelled: members do not pick up the goods and the order is cancelled.

Return (Exchange) Goods: Goods returned or exchanged by members are being processed.

Return has been refunded: The goods returned by members are already in the refund processing, please check the refund amount after three working days.

Exchange has been sent out: The goods exchanged have been re-sent out.

Transfer to vendors: If you order the goods of "Deliver by vendors", this message will be displayed.

Vendors send out: the goods to be delivered by vendors have been sent out.

At the same time, the system will send the notice of delivery and pickup to your email address, or you can check this notice in the "My Account"-"Mail Backup"-"System Mail Backup".

退貨 / 退款 Return the goods / Refund TOP


Our members have the rights and interests of hesitation period of 10 days beginning from the goods arrival in accordance with the Consumer Protection Act. However, the hesitation period is not a trial period.  Therefore, the goods you return must be in a brand new state and have a complete packaging. You must keep the completeness of the bodies of the goods, accessories, gifts, guarantees, original packaging and all other attached document and information, and you cannot lose any accessories or destroy the outer box. If the product you bought are computer software, game discs, CD, VCD, DVD, food, supplies, personal hygiene product, and etc. which cannot be back to the original, please do not open it before you make a decision of product return.


Return the goods :Please choose EMS when you return the product and pay for the postage to send the goods to the designated place. If we do not receive the goods, or the goods or the packaging is damaged or missing, which can have an impact on your interest of return, thus we will deduct some amount of expense for the restoring of the product according to the extent of damage.


 Refund:After 7 days or so we have received the goods you returned, we will make a refund to your Credit Card/Unionpay Card or bank account. The actual receipt time will depend on the bank operation. On the day of refund, we will send you an E-mail notice.




什麼是單品折價劵 What is single item coupon? TOP


Single coupon is one of the activities gifts from  Books.com.tw; members can use it within its validity to buy goods of related activities on our site. The acquisition of single item coupon depends on the rules of activity: “single serial number@” can be used unlimitedly during the activity to discount the designated activities goods; “running serial number#” is a coupon for special members, and it is recommended that you go to ( My Account>discount/account balance>available single item coupon) to find out the exclusive serial number of your coupon.Both the single serial number and the running serial number are bearer coupon; you may freely transfer it to your relatives and friends but cannot convert it to cash. 



分為單一序號 / 流水序號,皆有使用期限。

Method of deduction: 
It is divided into single serial number and running serial number, both of them have the period of validity.
E-Coupon and single item coupon cannot be used for the same goods at the same time.
Only one group of “single item coupon” can be used for the same goods of a single order. When the purchase quantity of the same goods is more than one, there is no cumulative discount.
When the single item coupon has limited discount for reaching certain amount, the total amount of goods purchased for specified activities can only be discounted when meet the condition of reaching certain amount.
It can't be used with cash coupon or single book coupon together. 
No single item coupon can be used for orders with credit card installment.



To use the single item coupon, please tick at the bottom of "Payment Method" in the second step of the shopping process "If you want to use E-Coupon and single item coupon, please tick at first and enter the serial number on the next page".



Click the next step, the serial number of the single item coupons can be used will be displayed, please tick the desired one. In addition, you may find the related content in the activity description below.


提醒您:單品折價劵獲得需視活動辦法而定:『單一序號@』在活動期間不限使用次數,可多次折抵指定活動商品;『流水序號#』為特定會員獲得的折價券,建議您可至﹝會員專區>優惠/帳戶餘額>可用單品折價券內﹞查找專屬於您的抵用序號。   因『單品折價券』之序號由符號、英文字及阿拉伯數字組合而成,且英文字尚有大小寫之分,因此建議以複製、貼上之方式輸入,較不易有誤。

Friendly remind: The acquisition of single item coupon depends on the rules of activity: “single serial number@” can be used unlimitedly during the activity to discount the designated activities goods; “running serial number#” is a coupon for special members, and it is recommended that you go to (members area>discount/account balance>available single item coupon) to find the exclusive serial number of your coupon. Since the serial number of single item coupon is composed of symbols, English letters and Arabic numerals, and English letters are case sensitive, it is suggested you input by copying and pasting so as to avoid mistakes.

海外訂購,是否可以選擇7-11取貨 Is 7-11 pickup avaiable for overseas orders? TOP


Return method:
If you return the goods for personal reasons, please send them back to the designated receiving address by EMS at your own expense. If we do not receive the goods you sent back, or when they are sent back, the goods or packages have been damaged or missed, which may affect your rights and interests of goods returning, or may deduct necessary fees for restoring the original status according to the degree of damage. If you want to exchange or refund defective goods, you can apply for refund or exchange goods in the members area; and you should attach a picture of defective goods to facilitate the approval process of Books.com.tw After approved, a notice letter will be sent to your e-mail address. If not receive it, you can also check the progress of your order in the  " My Account"

刷卡後會員專區出現『待客服確認』訊息,怎麼辦 How to deal with the message of "wait for customer service confirmation" appearing in the My Account after swiping the card? TOP


To ensure your order can be successfully distributed, customer service will confirm the order information for you. It will take 1-2 working days for this operation, after confirmation is completed, they will send a notice letter to your e-mail box. If not received, you also can query through the "System Mail Backup" of " My Account".