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海外輕鬆購物 相關問題

購買後多久可以收到商品 How long can we receive the goods? TOP


If the goods in the order are our stock in hand, the shipment of orders from overseas home delivery will be in 1-3 days(clearance time is not included).

In regards to delivery days please refer to the following table:


If you choose to pick up your goods at 7-11 stores in Hong Kong, Macao and Singapore, the parcel will be delivered to that store and a message will be sent to you.

商品寄往海外,運費如何計算 What the shipping rate is? TOP

海外宅配郵資相關計算方式如下 The postage is calculated as follows


運費如下表The freight is shown on the table below:

若商品(含包裝)長×寬×高(公分)÷ 5000 >實際重量(公斤),則以長×寬×高÷5000 計重

Overseas freight:If the size of the goods( packing is included) is

Length x Width x Height(cm) ÷ 5000 > Actual Weight (kg), then we calculate its freight according to Length x Width x Height ÷ 5000



The freight of weight above 5 kg>>>


港、澳、新加坡店取運費計算 Overseas Pick up at Store Freight in Hong Kong, Macao and Singapore


Each order is limited to 8 items, because we deliver the goods by the way of international shipping in response to the decline of oil price we have fuel surcharge; also for our costumer in Hong Kong, Macao, and Singapore, we charge the fixed shipping rate in accordance with the following table and have no additional charges.

Table of Freight in Hong Kong&Macao

Table of Freight in Singapore

Freight of Package: Total weight < 0.5 kg, then we calculate its freight based on 0.5 kg. If 0.5kg < total weight < 1kg, then we calculate its freight based on 1 kg so on and so forth.

所有商品都可以送到海外嗎 Can all the goods be sent to foreign countries? TOP


If items cannot be sent overseas, we will make a footnote on the merchandise page and the shopping cart. Please refer to the following graph which describes its delivery method on the merchandise page.


Additionally, you can narrow your search range through the PC version to tick the checkbox (HK & Macao Stores, Singapore Stores, and Overseas Delivery to Home ), then you can know whether your goods can be sent overseas or not. Please refer to the graph below:


If your order contains items that are out of stock or pre-ordered, you will not be able to choose pick-up at store.




According to related provisions of administrative measure for dangerous goods in air transportation by civil aircraft, for the goods are classified to 9 categories of dangerous articles, for example, fluid, jelly, spray, pressure vessel, oxide, toxic substance, magnetic substance, battery, or other articles which can be used by man-made operation, can have an impact on aviation safety, or any other article which are explosive, flammable, or can result in dangerous reaction, high temperature, corrosive or flammable gas, steam, are all restricted to be delivered by aircraft.

In order to avoid goods to be detained due to such problems, and thus goods can not be received in time or resulting in a fine, goods of makeups in special cabinet, open-shelf type cosmetic surgery, and body care related goods, and goods of creative life, watch and accessories, gourmet, 3C, and home appliance are not available for overseas delivery.

Related explanation please refer to the regulation of Civil Aeronautics Administration.

海外訂購付款方式有哪一些 What type of payment is for overseas order? TOP


We only accept “Credit Card online payment,  ATM transfer (TWD), Line Pay, Unionpay Card, Alipay, and Tenpay  for overseas order right now.

※我們目前可接受VISA、Master Card、JCB,三家發卡組織的信用卡,另亦可使用銀聯卡再線支付。

We currently accept credit card of VISA, Master Card, and JCB. Moreover, we accept China Unionpay Card online payment.

If overseas member use ATM transfer to effect payment to pay for the goods, then he needs to have a chip card and install a card reader to link to web ATM payment. Please refer to “The instruction of Taiwan bank web ATM” for the operation method.



The price of the goods and shipping fees on our website is in TWD. Actual payments or refunds are subject to exchange rates at the current rate. We suggest you to make an inquiry to your bank.

海外購物是否會產生關稅Is there any tariff for overseas shopping? TOP

(1) 每個國家都有進口關稅規定,當貨物到達進口國時,該進口國會依貨物種類及價值而核訂進口關稅。而商品寄出後是否會被收關稅,與使用寄送方式無關(DHL、UPS、及一般航空郵寄…等都可能會被收取)。

Each country has its import tariff provision.  When the goods arrives the import country, that country will approve the tariff of the goods based on the category and value of the goods.  After the goods are sent, they will be subject to tariff or not has nothing to do with delivery method of the goods.(DHL,UPS, ordinary air mail and etc. will be subject to tariff)

(2) 各地的海關有可能會對包裹進行抽查,並依當地所製訂的進口關稅規定, 核定貨物是否需要繳交關稅或是免稅,並向收件人收取不等之關稅。

Each custom can do a random inspection and approve the tariff of the goods according to local regulation.

(3) 博客來將依商品實際價金填寫申報,並請海外物流人員針對寄至海外的包裹進行確認,依其專業知識協助,以適當的方法寄送,希望避免有關稅的情形發生。

We will declare dutiable goods in accordance with its actual price. Furthermore, we will have our logistic officer to make confirmation for the parcel sent overseas. They will take advantage of their professional knowledge to help your parcel be sent with an appropriate method in order to avoid unnecessary tax.

(4) 各國可能依進口關稅規定,核定貨物是否需要繳交關稅、消費稅。當商品受到抽檢,其費用將由收件人負擔。若收件人不願取貨,相關費用或貨件遭銷毀、退回之損失,亦由訂購人自行負擔。

Each country has the right to approve tariff and sales tax of the goods according to its import regulation. If the country carries out sample inspection on that goods, the consumer will be responsible for that expense. If the receiver does not want to pick up his goods, then he also will be responsible for the loss resulted from related expense, destruction of the goods, or return of the goods.

如何追蹤我的包裹(tracking number) How can I track my parcel? TOP


After the goods are sent, you can check your tracking number in My Account, and we will send you a shipping notice to the E-mail box that you write down on the order.  In that notice a name of the shipping company and a delivery number will be enclosed so you can track your parcel with that number on the website of the shipping company.

為何包裹內只有出貨清單沒有發票 Why is there only packing list and no invoice? TOP




If the member choose to send the goods overseas(no matter the subscriber is in Taiwan, or it is a Taiwan company), our company will issue a zero tax rate invoice, and submit that invoice to the IRS to leave it for future reference. Therefore, there is no invoice enclosed for overseas order.

However, we will attach a packing list in the parcel. Thus our member can check if the goods sent matches with your actual received.

If you have to make the company reimburse you, after you receive the goods, you can give a call or write a letter to us and provide us your order number and fax number. Then we will copy the invoice and put a seal of “This copy is authentic to the original document” and fax to you.

退貨 / 退款 Return the goods / Refund TOP


Our members have the rights and interests of hesitation period of 10 days beginning from the goods arrival in accordance with the Consumer Protection Act. However, the hesitation period is not a trial period.  Therefore, the goods you return must be in a brand new state and have a complete packaging. You must keep the completeness of the bodies of the goods, accessories, gifts, guarantees, original packaging and all other attached document and information, and you cannot lose any accessories or destroy the outer box. If the product you bought are computer software, game discs, CD, VCD, DVD, food, supplies, personal hygiene product, and etc. which cannot be back to the original, please do not open it before you make a decision of product return.


Return the goods :Please choose EMS when you return the product and pay for the postage to send the goods to the designated place. If we do not receive the goods, or the goods or the packaging is damaged or missing, which can have an impact on your interest of return, thus we will deduct some amount of expense for the restoring of the product according to the extent of damage.


 Refund:After 7 days or so we have received the goods you returned, we will make a refund to your Credit Card/Unionpay Card or bank account. The actual receipt time will depend on the bank operation. On the day of refund, we will send you an E-mail notice.