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信用卡分期 相關問題

信用卡分期說明 The description of Credit Card Installment Plan TOP

1.我們目前可接受VISA、Master Card、JCB,三家發卡組織的信用卡。

The credit cards we accept recently are VISA, Master Card and JCB.



If the credit card installment plan is the payment items you select, once you confirm it after the

payment, the system will come out an order number and go to the page of 3D Secure(聯合3D刷卡)



Please give your correct credit card information and the amount you can pay for your order by

installment within 30 minutes. After receive the credit card information, Books.com.tw will check the

information with credit card center. If all the information are correct, the system will connect back to

the book.com.tw and the order complete will display on screen. We will send you a notification to

inform you that whether we had processed your payment successfully or not. You can as well as go

tocheck it.



After the payment, the product will sent to the address you wrote in your order form or to 7-11 store

 you selected.



Special remind: In the process of swiping the credit card, don’t disconnect your internet, go to previous page, close or rearrange the website.


※若會員欲使用信用卡分期付款,請留意以下事項: 須與其他商品分開結帳(即表示購物車內僅能有一個品項且限購數量為1個) 商品不可寄送至台澎金馬以外地區 不可同時抵扣其他付款方式,如E-Coupon/單品折價券/電子折價券、單書優惠券、購物金或帳戶餘額。 部份活動商品不可使用分期,請依活動內容說明為準。

For the members who select the credit card installment plan as their payment items, please note the following points: shall be paid separately with other products, (which means there is only one item for one quantity in the cart can do so.) The delivery area of the product is for Taiwan, Penghu, Kinmen and Matsu only, cannot go with other deductions or paymentitems, such as E-Coupon  Books coins or account balance. Some activity products may not be qualified in the credit card installment plan, please be subject to the description of event content.

哪些銀行提供在博客來消費可使用信用卡分期付款服務 Which banks provide the credit card installment plan to books.com.tw ? TOP


The followings are the banks that provide the credit card installment plan service to the books.com.tw. They are E. Sun Commercial Bank, City Bank, CTBC Bank, Taishin International Bank, Cathay United Bank, Union Bank of Taiwan, Taipei Fubon Bank, Bank SinoPac, Far Eastern International Bank, Shin Kong Commercial Bank, DBS bank limited, HSBC (Taiwan) Limited, First Commercial Bank, Hua Nan Commercial Bank, Taiwan Cooperative Bank, Jih Sun International Bank, The Shanghai Commercial & Savings Bank, Standard Chartered Bank, Yuanta Bank, Sunny Bank, Taichung Commercial Bank, CHB.

哪些商品可以使用信用卡分期付款 Which products can use the credit card installment plan? TOP


If the products which have written "credit card installment available" (see the picture in below), then you can select "Credit Card Installment Plan" in the process of payment.

訂單已經完成,可以更改成其他付款方式嗎 The order has been completed, can I switch to another payment method? TOP


Since different payment methods adopt different operating systems, there is currently no service for you to switch to another payment method directly. If you want to switch to another payment method, please cancel the original order in the " My account" first, or call the customer service staff to cancel the original order for you before you place an order all over again.

線上分期付款的授權和額度如何計算 How to calculate the guaratee and quota for online installment payment? TOP


Bank authorization is authorized by total installment price. Its credit is as well as deducted in total installment price. For that matter, the trade execution notification the members received are as well as their expense but pay monthly, such as 3 months mean to make all paid in three months. 

我是在分期的額度內,為什麼刷卡不過 I am under my quota of the installment, but why I am unable to pay by my credit card? TOP


The calculation way for bank account limit is total consumption, not the price per installment. For that matter, the member shall estimate whether or not their total consumption is under the quota. Please contact the bank if the consumption is exceeding your quota.

使用分期付款可以再改回一次付清嗎 Can I change my installment payment to pay in full ? TOP


Due to that the banks we provide for paying in full and installment payment are different and is limited by the bank regulation, the pay in full and installment payment are not interchangeable. So, we suggest you to choose your payment item carefully.

是否能取消線上分期付款訂單 Can I cancel my order paid in installment? TOP


Please dial books.com.tw service hotline (02-26535588) or contact our customer service staff by email.

如果信用卡停卡,那分期付款帳單如何支付 How can I pay my installment with my cancelled credit card? TOP


If your installment period is excessing to the expiration day of credit card, the bank will issue you a new credit card prior to the date due.  You don’t need to pay off your rest of money as long as you renew your credit card. Please contact the customer service center in your card-issued bank for further information.