Let’s Be Friends

Let’s Be Friends

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Learn exactly what it takes to have healthy friendships! From lending support to someone who needs it to going on adventures, this uplifting book empowers children to be the kind of friend they want to have.

Having good friends--and being a good friend--is one of the most special things of all. This uplifting book empowers children to be the kind of friend they want to have.

From cheering up a friend who is sad to encouraging a friend in a race, this heartwarming book motivates children to look for the good in all people and support their friends through it all.

  • Diverse and inclusive cast of characters

  • Simple and accessible, with a strong message

  • A book to introduce little ones to the special gift of friendship

The Little Voices series are board books designed to inspire and empower the youngest of readers. Each book features diverse characters and helps to develop a child’s social emotional skills, as well as build confidence and courage.



Leah Osakwe is always writing - whether for apps and digital products or fiction for children. Leah is also the author of the Absolutely Nonny series. She lives in Essex, UK.

Becky Paige loves creating images that are sweet, colorful, and playful. After 20 years as a classroom teacher, she had the opportunity to go back to school to study graphic design and follow her lifelong dream of being an illustrator. In her spare time she enjoys watching movies, going on walks, drawing, and spending time with her family.



  • ISBN:9781664351042
  • 規格:硬頁書 / 22頁 / 普通級 / 初版
  • 出版地:美國
  • 適讀年齡:2歲~5歲




  • 【人文社科、生活風格】堡壘文化|奇光|雙囍|廣場,電子書聯展, 單本88折,雙書82折!









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