The 7-Minute Admissions Decision: Making Every Second Count to Gain Acceptance to Your Dream School

The 7-Minute Admissions Decision: Making Every Second Count to Gain Acceptance to Your Dream School

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The average college admissions officer makes their decision in 7 minutes.

This book will help you and your child make every minute count.

If your child dreams of attending a top U.S. college, you know they’re facing an epic challenge. Everyone has heard of a student with perfect test scores and GPA who was rejected by their first-choice school, and sometimes even their second-choice school. Just what are admissions officers at top schools looking for, and what can your child do to rise above the competition and get their dream school to say "yes?"

This book answers those questions, and more.

Written by college admissions expert Sean Ma, Founder/CEO of Ma Academy and President/Board Member of Shanghai Leighton School, The 7-Minute Admissions Decision provides you and your child with a blueprint to help them identify, apply to and win admission to the elite schools that are the best fit for them. Using the same process he uses with his clients, Ma helps readers maximize their high school years by identifying their passion, going deep, and gaining the kinds of experiences that make a winning college application. He then guides them through creating that application step by step. Featuring interviews with admissions officers from top U.S. schools, you’ll learn what makes an application stand out, what top schools are looking for, and most importantly, how your child can prepare for the future, achieve their dreams, and live the lives they want to live.



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