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港、澳門店取貨 相關問題

為什麼無法選擇港、澳門店取貨 ?Why Can’t I Choose Store Pick-up of Commodities in Hong Kong/Macau? TOP


Due to limited space in the store, if your order meets the following circumstances, we suggest that you choose to pay in overseas credit card, ATM transfer or other payment methods, and Book Your Life will deliver the commodities to your designated address through the courier.

海外寄送方式相關問題 : 請參考 寄送方式(海外) 相關問題

For overseas delivery related issues: Please refer to theOverseas Delivery Related Issues.



■ If the number of commodities purchased is large (more than 8 books).


■ If the order amount exceeds $3,000.


■The “Hong Kong/Macau Store Pick-up” service does not provide single item delivery.


■The order contains out-of-stock or pre-ordered items.

港、澳門店取貨服務說明 Kong Kong/Macau Store Pick-up Service Description TOP


If you choose to collect the commodities at store pick-up in Hong Kong/Macau, you may pick up the commodities at the designated store at the latest 08:00 the following day if you place the order before 12:00 noon from Monday to Friday. But principally, please pick up the commodities only after you receive our pick-up SMS. (Under the circumstances of other force majeure factors such as weekend holidays, national holidays, natural disasters or weather factors in Taiwan, Hong Kong or Macau that would affect the flights, the arrival date will be automatically extended)



After the commodities have been sent to the store as specified in the order sheet, you may collect them within 3 days (including holidays) along with the pick-up SMS.



For the ordering process and shipping instructions, please refer toStore Pick-up of Commodities in Hong Kong/Macao.



1. 因港、澳門店有取件包裹的大小與重量限制,若您的包裹材積過大,將無法於門市取件,我們將有專人與您聯繫處理。

2. 因港、澳7-ELEVEN門市包裹儲放空間有限,若遇門市空間不足時,到貨日期會自動順延,若門市短期內均無法進店,將會由專人與您聯繫處理,請您留意通知。

3. 若您的包裹已於出貨作業,將無法取消。另外,包裹若未按時領取而退回博客來,郵資將無法退回,請您審慎訂購。

4. 訂單內商品庫存數量,會依實際收到款項之後,決定商品的出貨優先順序,建議可多選用信用卡付款方式,以利儘速完成付款、出貨流程。


Special Reminder:

1. Due to the size and weight restrictions of pick-up parcels in Hong Kong and Macau stores, if your parcel is too big, you will not be able to pick it up at the stores. We will otherwise contact you about this matter.

2. Due to the limited storage space in 7-ELEVEN stores in Hong Kong and Macao, the arrival date will be automatically postponed if there is insufficient space in the stores. Please pick up the commodities after you receive our pick-up SMS.

3. If your parcel has already been shipped, you will not be able to cancel it. In addition, if you fail to pick up the parcel on time and it has already returned to Book Your Life, there is no refund of postage charge. Please beware of these matters.

4. The store will decide to ship the commodities in order based on the commodities specified in the order sheets and the actual payment received. It is recommended that you place first priority to pay in credit card to facilitate faster payment and shipping procedures.

結帳時找不到我要取貨的門市?Why Can’t I Find the Store Pick-up Location After Payment? TOP



If you can’t find the store you selected in the shopping cart list, the possible reasons include: Insufficient store space, store is under renovation, changing of system setting, updating of store information, new store information has not been documented, etc. (it doesn’t mean that this store is closed). Please choose another store first. Please refer to Hong Kong/Macau Pick-up Store Addresses Overview (7-11順豐站智能櫃/locker)for the available pick-up locations, but their actual opening time shown in the shopping cart list shall prevail.

結帳時我要取貨的門市,反灰無法點選?After Payment, the Commodity Pick-up Field Turns Gray and Does Not Response When Clicked TOP



Due to the limited space in the stores, if a Hong Kong/Macau store in the shopping cart turns gray and has no response when clicked, it indicates that this store cannot accommodate the large capacity of parcels and so temporarily cannot provide the pick-up service. After the store can accommodate more parcels, it will be opened again. It is recommended that you choose other stores in the shopping cart.



When the shipping weight is equal or more than 4,800 gram, Hong Kong/Macao 711 is not available. You may choose SF stores or EF lockers, or Overseas Delivery to home.

港、澳店取運費計算 Store Pick-up/Delivery Charges in Hong Kong/Macau TOP

● 每筆訂單限購最多8本


● Each order is limited to 8 books

As the transportation service is delivered through international shipping, there will be an additional fuel surcharge in response to the fluctuation of international oil prices. To serve customers in Hong Kong and Macau, the current delivery charges are based on the following chart without additional surcharges.


收到的商品有問題?Discrepancies upon Receipt of Commodities? TOP


If you have any questions upon receipt of the commodities, please write to the customer service mailbox and we will serve you with our full attendance.

選擇「港澳店取」但收到商品材積過大無法配達門市通知信 Notification Regarding the Selection of “Store Pick-up in Hong Kong/Macao” but the Volume of Commodities Is Too Big and Ca TOP


If your order has selected “Store Pick-up in Hong Kong/Macao,” but the logistics centre cannot send it to the Hong Kong/Macau store because the commodities are found to be too big, we will notify you by email to change it into “overseas air delivery” (no additional surcharge). Please write again to inform us about the recipient information, such as “rrecipient name, contact phone number, and mailing address.” The customer service staff will deal with the matter as soon as possible.