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E-Coupon 相關問題

什麼是E-Coupon What is E-Coupon? TOP


E-Coupon is one of Books.com.tw's activity gifts. It is a combination of English and digital serial numbers or all-digital serial numbers. Members can use it for purchase during the period of validity on the Books.com.tw website and mobile Books.com.tw.

E-Coupon使用說明 E-Coupon Instructions for Use TOP

抵用辦法 Redemption method

  • 每張E-Coupon一組序號 。Each E-coupon comes with a set of serial numbers.
  • E-Coupon面額100元(含)以下,購物車內商品需有一項售價高於$100方可折抵 。If the face value of the E-coupon is NT$100 or below, there must be a product of which the value is higher than NT$100 in the shopping cart.
  • E-Coupon面額150元,購物車內商品需有一項售價高於$150方可折抵。 If the face value of the E-coupon is NT$150, there must be a product of which the value is higher than NT$150 in the shopping cart.
  • E-Coupon面額200元,購物車內商品需有一項售價高於$200方可折抵 。If the face value of the E-coupon is NT$200, there must be a product of which the value is higher than NT$200 in the shopping cart.
  • E-Coupon面額300元,購物車內商品需有一項售價高於$300方可折抵。 If the face value of the E-coupon is NT$300, there must be a product of which the value is higher than NT$300 in the shopping cart.
  • 一次交易限抵用一組E-Coupon序號 。One transaction is limited to one set of E-Coupon serial numbers.
  • 企業採購、售票網、信用卡分期付款訂單、禮物卡、電子票券、紙本票券、一卡通、數位沖印、電子書訂閱商品,不可抵用E-Coupon。E-coupon cannot be used for credit card payment in installment, purchase of a gift card, business procurement, and ticket service online.
  • E-Coupon適用裝置請依活動說明與會員專區顯示為準。
  • 若為活動所贈送的滿額E-coupon,則需符合活動滿額扣抵條件才可使用 。If it is an E-coupon acquired from an activity, the discount is only applicable for every specific amount of purchase made.


※訂單中若使用滿額方能扣抵E-Coupon,所有商品將同時出貨,恕不分開出貨,亦不接受單獨取消  。If a specific amount of purchase is made for the order, the E-coupon may only be applicable when all the products are shipped in one go. We are sorry that shipping in installments and cancelation of a single product is unacceptable.


使用方式 Instructions for use

  • 請在購物流程的第二步"付款方式"的下方「若您要使用E-Coupon電子折價券/單品折價券,請先打勾即可輸入」處勾選。
  • Please check the box "If you want to use E-Coupon/single product discount coupons, enter the serial number on the next page" under "Payment Method" in the second step of the shopping process.

  • 勾選使用E-Coupon後,可選擇欲折抵的E-Coupon,或直接輸入欲使用的E-Coupon序號進行折抵,並可選擇欲抵扣的商品品項。 
  • 若是選擇自行輸入E-Coupon序號,因E-Coupon之序號由英文字及阿拉伯數字組合而成,且英文字尚有大小寫之分,因此建議以複製、貼上之方式輸入,如此較不易有誤。
  • Since the serial number of E-Coupon is composed of English letters and numbers with the distinction of upper and lower cases, it is advisable that you use the method of copy and paste instead of entering the E-Coupon serial number by yourself to prevent error.

如何查詢我已持有的E-Coupon How do I check the E-coupon I already have available? TOP

E-Coupon發出時,皆會發送E-Mail通知,並註明有效期間。 若為直接存入「會員專區」之E-Coupon,您亦可同時於「會員專區」→「優惠/帳戶餘額」「可用E-Coupon」內查詢。

A E-mail notice will be sent out whenever an E-Coupon is issued with the validity period indicated. For E-coupon that is directly saved in the "My Account", you can find it via " My Account"→"Discount/Account Balance"→"E-Coupon Available".




After entering the E-Coupon section, you may search for the name, serial number, face value, redemption threshold, use status, applicability, and expiry date of E-Coupon that "has not been used", "has been used", or "has been shared".



If the E-Coupon is not used before the expiry date, it will become invalid and will be automatically deleted from the My Account.



Part of the E-Coupon under cross industry collaboration, such as external forum, social media sharing, CTBC Bank ATM discount, will not be saved in the  My Account. Please keep them safe and enter the serial number during redemption as they cannot be searched in a Book Your Life account.


取消訂單或退貨,會退還E-Coupon嗎 Will the E-Coupon be refunded if the order is cancelled or returned? TOP


If you cancel the order or return the products, the E-Coupon will be refunded with the original validity period intact and saved directly into the "My Account " (Please note the cancellation notice letter or refund confirmation letter). The refund amount will be based on the actual payment amount less the E-Coupon discount.

結帳時未出現讓我選擇已存入的E-Coupon選單或輸入E-Coupon/活動優惠券的地方 Why isn't there a field for me to select the E-Coupon menu or insert the serial number of E-Coupon/activ? TOP


Please note that there must be a product of which the price is higher than NT$100 in the shopping cart to be eligible for a discount. The amount of the products in the order must reach the E-coupon redemption threshold (which is subject to the description of each activity) so that the E-Coupon will appear at the checkout. Additionally, the E-Coupon that has already been shared will not appear in the E-Coupon menu during checkout.

輸入未存入的E- Coupon,卻出現過期或序號錯誤的訊息 Why does the expiration or serial number error message appear when I enter the E-Coupon that has not been saved? TOP

建議以複製、貼上之方式輸入E-Coupon,如此較不易有誤。若您確定輸入的 E-Coupon序號無誤,且尚未逾期,請來函提供此組E-Coupon序號,及告知我們您是參加何活動而獲得此組E-Coupon的?客服人員將為您查詢確認。

Please use copy and paste instead of inserting the E-coupon serial number to prevent error. If you are sure that the E-coupon serial number you entered is free of error and hasn't pass the expiry date, please send us the E-coupon serial number and tell us from which activity you acquired this set of E-coupon serial number so that our customer service staff can inquire and confirm for you.

是否能指定E- Coupon抵扣在訂單中的某一項商品 Is it possible to select a product from the order and apply the E-coupon to it? TOP


If there are more than 1 product in the order, the member may choose the product which the E-coupon will be applied to.


※If there are 2 or more identical products in the order to which the E-Coupon applies, the E-coupon will be returned with the original validity period intact (inapplicable to products that have not been returned) and the amount after the E-coupon discount will also be returned provided that part of the products should be returned.

訂單完成後,是否能補抵E-Coupon/單品折價券/活動優惠券 After the order is completed, can I use the E-coupon/single product coupon/activity coupon? TOP


If the E-Coupon/single product coupon/activity coupon is not used at the time of ordering, it cannot be used afterwards. However, if the product has not been shipped, it is advised to cancel the original order first before using E-Coupon/single product coupons/activity coupons when placing a new order.

我的E-Coupon如何歸戶存入會員專區 How do I save my E-coupon to my personal account in the member section? TOP


Please sign in your account at the "My Account". Scroll down the "discount/account balance", find the "E-coupon available", and go to the "E-coupon" section. After entering the serial number of E-coupon at the "send E-coupon to personal account", press "send out" so that the notice of "send to personal account successfully" will pop up on the webpage once the action is done. Please go to your member mailbox to receive the notification letter.



In the current Books.com.tw website activities, part of the E-Coupon obtained will be directly sent to the "Member Section". You can log in to the "discount/account balance" of the "My Account" to check the E-Coupon you have available.


For E-coupons acquired from the cross-industry collaboration such as FB, CTBC Bank ATM coupons, etc., please keep them safe or send them to your personal account at the "My Account". 


E-coupons that are sent to your personal account can be redeemed when shopping or shared with others. But they may not be returned to your personal account after sharing to others.


If the order is canceled or the products are returned after using the E-coupon, the E-coupon will be returned with the original validity period intact and sent to your personal account at the "My Account ".

我的E-Coupon如何分享給他人使用 How do I share my E-coupon to others? TOP


After signing in your personal account at the " My Account", please scroll down the "discount/account balance" and find the "E-coupon available" before accessing the "E-coupon section". After entering the serial number of E-coupon you want to share, click "I want to share" and enter the e-mail address before clicking "send out".




Once the notice "Your E-coupon is already shared" show up on the webpage, click "confirm" so that the E-coupon will be sent to the email address you have filled in.







如何知道我的E-Coupon已經到期了How do I know if my E-coupon expires? TOP

您可至 「會員專區」“帳戶餘額/優惠券” 下 “可用E-Coupon” 項目中查詢,另建議您可登錄「會員專區」後,進入「會員信件訂閱管理」即可訂閱「折價券發送/到期提醒信」。

After signing in your personal account at the "My Account", please scroll down the "discount/account balance" and find the "E-coupon available". It is also advised that you sign in to the "My Account " and find "Member mail subscription" before subscribing to the "E-coupon issuance/expiration notification".