New View: A Curated Visual Gallery: Twenty Magnificent Homes by Architects of California

New View: A Curated Visual Gallery: Twenty Magnificent Homes by Architects of California

  • 作者: Benton Buckley, Beth
  • 原文出版社:Benton Buckley Books
  • 出版日期:2024/03/01
  • 語言:英文
  • 定價:2090

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The great Frank Lloyd Wright taught us that form and function are forever bound in spiritual union; that design is eternally emotive; and that architecture structures society. Inspired by this depth of being, 20 modern architectural greats and their most extraordinary feats are celebrated in the illustrious pages of New View: A Curated Visual Gallery -- 20 Magnificent Homes by Architects of California.

Designed to enchant, this third volume of a historic book series overflows with aesthetically stunning portraits of real California homes by celebrity and world-renowned architects. Awe-inspiring photography is balanced with engaging editorial interludes expressing the architects’ varied creative philosophies, design perspectives, and transformational experiences.

In New View: California you’ll meet top California architects who present their finest California home designs: Josh Blumer, William Hayer, Jeff Zimmerman, Michael Ferguson and Kirby Smith, Robert Swatt and George Miers, Greg Faulkner, Ryan Marsden, Todd Gordon Mather, Mark English, Neal J.Z. Schwartz, Joanne Koch, Antonina Markoff and Bruce Fullerton, Cynthia Wang and Brendan Canning, Mary Ann Gabriele Schicketanz, Michael Holliday, Timothy Chappelle, Philip Liang, Nick Noyes, Geddes Ulinskas, Barbara Chambers

A meticulously curated collection, New View: California delves into the making of a wide variety of homes, each designed to express a sense of place. Whether along the Pacific coast, nestled in the mountains, or in the heart of an acclaimed cityscape. Part anthropological and part declarative, New View: California is an enlightening, inspired story of how architecture shapes our civilization.



Beth Buckley founded boutique publishing house benton buckley books with decades of experience and praise in luxury, exhibitionary publishing, and a life-time of loving all that which is beautiful--and of finding beauty amongst and in all of us. She is devoted to curation, and is steadfast in her pursuit of authentic talent, untempted by the trend of the time. Beth is known for her keen eye and stunning aesthetic, and has collaborated with, and published, the best of the best in architecture, art, interior design, travel, celebrity event design, plastic surgery, food, wine--and has long led the industry in her efforts to sincerely discern, and share, beauty with the world.



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