Climate Change Risk Management in Banks: The Next Paradigm

Climate Change Risk Management in Banks: The Next Paradigm

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Banks, like other businesses, endeavor to drive revenue and growth, while deftly managing the risks. Dubbed the next "frontier" in risk management for financial services, climate related risks are the newest and potentially the most challenging set of risks that banks are encountering.

On the one hand, banks must show their commitment to becoming net zero and, on the other, help their customers transition to more sustainable operations, all this while managing climate-related financial risks. It is a paradigm shift from how the banking industry has traditionally managed risks as climate change risks are complex. They are multilayered, multidimensional with uncertain climate pathways that impact real economy which in turn influences the financial ecosystem in myriad ways.

Climate Change Risk Management in Banks weaves the complete lifecycle of climate risk management from strategy to disclosures, a must-read for academics, banking professionals and other stakeholders interested in understanding and managing climate change risk. It provides much-needed insights, enabling organizations to respond well to these new risks, protect their businesses, mitigate losses and enhance brand value.

Saloni Ramakrishna, an acknowledged financial industry practitioner, argues that given the uncertain and volatile climate paths, complex geopolitical patterns, and sustainability challenges, banks and business professionals will benefit from a wholistic approach to managing climate change risks. The book provides a blueprint and a cohesive framework for embracing and maintaining such an approach, in a simple and structured format.



Saloni Ramakrishna, a published author in risk management space, is an acknowledged financial industry thought leader. In this book she brings to bear her three decades of global experience and knowledge of financial services. The distilled wisdom of interactions with different stakeholders of the industry, and experience of technology power is reflected in the vibrant canvas of comprehensive yet practical approach proposed in the book that deftly addresses the nuances of the young and upcoming discipline of "Climate Change Risk" and its management.

Ms. Ramakrishna contributes to the industry narrative through her books, blogs, columns, and articles. She has been invited to share her thoughts and views on industry trends surrounding climate change, risk, compliance, and data management, amongst others, by national and international banking and finance forums. Her ideas have appeared as articles, quotes, and interviews. She has presented papers at national and international seminars and conferences.

A member of professional risk organizations GARP and PRIMIA, Saloni is a Value Architect and Senior Director with Oracle. In her role she regularly interacts with top managers of banks, consulting professionals, financial services bodies, and senior regulators across multiple countries, enriching the industry dialogue.



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