The New Rules of Money: A Playbook for Planning Your Financial Future: A Workbook

The New Rules of Money: A Playbook for Planning Your Financial Future: A Workbook

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Overcome your fears of money, break old spending habits, and become more mindful of your personal finances with this fun, illustrated workbook from the Wall Street Journal.

The personal-finance playbook followed by past generations doesn’t add up in today’s world. In a market where buying a first home can feel out of reach thanks to sky-high housing prices and mortgage rates and investing seem so complicated, it’s time for some new money rules! WSJ personal finance reporters Bourree Lam and Julia Carpenter help you start where you are. Use these pages to:

- Clarify your money goals, and make a plan for sticking with them
- Wrap your head around your numbers with a simple financial worksheet
- Develop helpful money habits (and get rid of the unhelpful ones!)
- Find out how to save and how much you should be saving
- Understand how to invest in the market with low-cost index funds
- Know how to find a good financial advisor (and what questions you should be asking)
- Learn some money mantras to gain confidence and steel yourself against hard times
- And more!

Whether you’re just getting ready to start paying back student loans or you’re well into saving for retirement (but not sure if you’re saving enough), The New Rules of Money’s worksheets, check lists, quizzes, and other interactive learning tools will help you gain clarity on what you’re spending your money on and why you want to save, so you can (finally!) reach your financial goals.



Bourree Lam is the Deputy Coverage Chief of The Wall Street Journal’s Life & Work section. She’s led the coverage of personal finance topics with an emphasis on accessibility at WSJ, Refinery29, and The Atlantic. She loves to talk about money with pretty much anyone. She lives in Brooklyn with her husband and son.
Julia Carpenter is a reporter at The Wall Street Journal. She writes about money, culture, social change, and the points at which all these things collide. She lives in New York City with her girlfriend and their rescue dog, Gigi.



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