Proceedings of the 44th Annual American Astronautical Society Guidance, Navigation, and Control Conference, 2022

Proceedings of the 44th Annual American Astronautical Society Guidance, Navigation, and Control Conference, 2022

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This conference attracts GN&C specialists from across the globe. The 2022 Conference was the 44th Annual GN&C conference with more than 230 attendees from six different countries with 44 companies and 28 universities represented. The conference presented more than 100 presentations and 16 posters across 18 topics.

This year, the planning committee wanted to continue a focus on networking and collaboration hoping to inspire innovation through the intersection of diverse ideas. These proceedings present the relevant topics of the day while keeping our more popular and well-attended sessions as cornerstones from year to year. Several new topics including "Autonomous Control of Multiple Vehicles" and "Results and Experiences from OSIRIS-REx" were directly influenced by advancements in our industry. In the end, the 44th Annual GN&C conference became a timely reflection of the current state of the GN&C ins the space industry.

The annual American Astronautical Society Rocky Mountain Guidance, Navigation and Control (GN&C) Conference began 1977 as an informal exchange of ideas and reports of achievements among guidance and control specialists local to the Colorado area. Bud Gates, Don Parsons, and Bob Culp organized the first conference, and began the annual series of meetings the following winter. In March 1978, the First Annual Rocky Mountain Guidance and Control Conference met at Keystone, Colorado. It met there for eighteen years, moving to Breckenridge in 1996 where it has been for over 25 years.



Mr. Matt Sandnas has spent 27 years in the aerospace industry focusing on guidance, navigation, and control; software development, systems engineering and architecture synthesis, system safety, product line management, general management, and business development. Prior to working at SEAKR Engineering, Matt worked at Ball Aerospace and Collins/UTC Aerospace Systems. Matt has his B.S. in Computer Science and Engineering and his M.S. in Management of Technology both from the University of Minnesota.

Dr. David B. Spencer is the Vice President for Publications for The American Astronautical Society. In this role, he oversees the publications portfolio for the society. He is Professor Emeritus of Aerospace Engineering at Penn State University. He is also a Senior Project Leader at The Aerospace Corporation in Chantilly, Virginia.



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