Whispers of Womb and Wilderness

Whispers of Womb and Wilderness

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  • 可配送點:台灣、蘭嶼、綠島、澎湖、金門、馬祖
  • 可取貨點:台灣、蘭嶼、綠島、澎湖、金門、馬祖
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Whispers of Womb and Wilderness is a journey through the cyclic nature of women and the four female archetypes they embody-the maiden, the mother, the wild woman/witch and the wise woman/crone.

It is a provocative encounter with the divine feminine and the shared story of women throughout the ages, showcased through a collection of bold black and white art and the poetic whispers each piece inspired.

This collection stirs up themes of longing, purpose, hope, creativity, motherhood, loss, love, healing, power, rage, loneliness, deconstruction, independence, transformation and rebirth.

Feeling seen and empowered, the female reader is stirred to a remembering that she is supported by all of the women who came before her and reminded of her transcendent feminine soul.

Excerpt, page 13:


A Vessel, A Warrior, A Messenger for Man

Mimicking the moon, the seasons, the plan

The Maker’s secret army

Has been quietly formed

A bigger purpose has been waiting

Since the day that we were born

Sophia, Eve, Mary and me

From alpha to omega-

The invisible She

Masked, buried, identity unspoken

One bite of the apple

And they thought that we were broken

But, the seed of truth

Made camp in our wombs

The pattern of creation

Forever entombed

We became the vessels

With a message deep inside

Warriors the world needed

But strategically denied

Ezer Kenegdo

Go back to the start

Remember the identity

God planted in our heart

Wisdom will find us wherever we go

Our purpose is waiting

Be still and know


Whispers of Womb and Wilderness is so beautiful, indescribably beautiful. I love all of it. I love the poetry, I love the art, I love the bravery, I love how it feels revolutionary and familiar all at the same time. I love the little moth, and the font, and the sections... and the Latin I had to look up like a secret message.

It’s like the whole thing is a journey, obviously, but as reader too- reading it is a journey. A graduation. It’s one of those books, the kind where the author bleeds onto the paper and you see and feel her soul and you can’t help but love her and know her. And knowing her makes you feel part of something bigger, less alone but also brave enough to face things alone. Nicole has created something priceless and I can’t wait for the world to see it.

-Amy Jorgensen, Author



  • ISBN:9781735080482
  • 規格:平裝 / 90頁 / 21.59 x 21.59 x 0.61 cm / 普通級 / 初版
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