Imprisoned by Words

Imprisoned by Words

  • 作者: Frederiks, Jos
  • 原文出版社:Authoritize
  • 出版日期:2024/05/29
  • 語言:英文
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Whatever it is that you want to achieve in life, there is only one thing you need, Curiosity!

Throughout my life, I have been curious about the world around me and the people I meet. This has caused me to ask questions. Lots of questions! As a psychologist and verbal communication specialist, I estimate that I have conducted over 18,000 interviews with clients who were looking for clarity. I have learned the art of listening in order to understand them. And what their needs are. What I have also learned is that what people say may not be what they meant!

I wrote this book to help people become more aware of the words they use and to improve their outcomes, by increasing their vocabulary! This book shows you how!

Because speech comes so naturally to us, we hardly ever think about it. Most of the time, we respond automatically by saying the first thing that comes into our heads. No wonder we find ourselves in trouble from time to time

Jos has become a sought-after public speaker and has built a reputation for helping both individuals and companies change outcomes by communicating better. He encourages people to look in the mirror and ask questions of themselves. Such as where do you want to go? What do you really want to achieve today? These questions, and many more, are the starting point of every personal conversation or group training.

Psychologist and Verbal communications specialist Jos Frederiks has listened professionally to over 18,000 conversations with his clients and has come to one conclusion. What we say is very often not what we mean! In his new book, "Imprisoned by Words", he demonstrates how we speak without thinking and listen without hearing!

" Subconscious Verbalisation is when our deepest thoughts rise to the surface and give away what we are really thinking. It is so important that we think before we speak.!"



  • ISBN:9781915465535
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