Handbook of Transradial Interventions

Handbook of Transradial Interventions

  • 編者: Chugh, Sanjay
  • 原文出版社:Oxford University Press, USA
  • 出版日期:2024/05/20
  • 語言:英文
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The Handbook of Transradial Interventions--a comprehensive resource for fellows, cardiologists, and veterans alike who are keen to update their knowledge and skills in coronary, peripheral, and carotid interventions using transradial, distal radial (dTRA), and ulnar access--covers the basic and advanced techniques of diagnostic and interventional procedures. It comprises excellent illustrative chapters on challenging anatomy; complex interventions; tips and tricks for transradial interventions (TRI), including transradial primary angioplasty; transradial rotablation; post CABG, chronic total occlusion, peripheral and carotid interventions, and managing and preventing radial and femoral complications. The book covers the practical and technical aspects of the latest developments in the field, including slender transradials, dTRA, and the role of Doppler ultrasound in TRI. To make TRI easier for those involved in the practice of interventional cardiology or starting anew, this up-to-date, practically-oriented book includes illustrated chapters on access; setting up a radial program; radial: right or left; choice of catheters, and techniques of hooking coronaries and grafts. With well-researched chapters and excellent reviews contributed by leading experts in the field from across the globe on acute coronary syndrome; an editorial comment on the SAFARI-STEMI study; radial artery occlusion; radiation and stroke risk, and research round-up, this reference book serves to fill the void for an updated text on this fast-growing discipline and will be an asset for those seeking to learn basic and advanced practices or to update their skills and knowledge.



Sanjay Chugh, Handbook of Transradial Interventions, Institute for medical Sciences and Research Centre, Jaipur

Dr. Sanjay Kumar Chugh, Senior Consultant, Interventional Cardiology, The Mission Hospital, Durgapur, India.



  • ISBN:9780190130008
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