Who Believed in You

Who Believed in You

  • 原文出版社:HarperCollins Leadership
  • 出版日期:2025/01/28
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Unleash the power of purposeful mentorship to transcend what is possible for leaders, aspiring mentees, and society at large.

All successful leaders stand on the shoulders of their mentor giants--people who saw something in them they may not have seen in themselves and helped them redefine what was possible. The relationships transform both parties into better versions of themselves and can uplift entire organizations and even society itself.

Who Believed in You shares the mentorship stories of some of our greatest leaders and influencers starting with the journeys of David McCormick and Dina Powell, and including leaders and luminaries like Mary Barra, Brian Grazer, Walter Isaacson, General H. R. McMaster, and many others. It unpacks the four critical elements of transformative mentorship--trust, change, investment, and confidence--and offers guideposts and powerful illustrations from actual mentorship journeys that both show the way and inspire.

Along with insights and research from Jeffrey Sonnenfeld (Yale School of Management), David and Dina share how transformative mentoring can be the unifying force we need to move forward as a society. Dina draws on her experience moving to America as a small child and how her grandmother supported her dream to pursue a career in politics despite the worries from her parents that it was too risky. Dina is now Global Head of Sustainability and Inclusive Growth at Goldman Sachs. David also shares how mentors in his life inspired him to keep going and reach higher to eventually rise to the position of CEO of Bridgewater Associates.



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