Mindful Escapes Meditation Cards: Discover Inner Calm Wherever You Are, in 50 Cards

Mindful Escapes Meditation Cards: Discover Inner Calm Wherever You Are, in 50 Cards

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Whether you need a moment of calm on your commute or a power boost before a presentation, these guided meditation cards will help you call on the healing properties of 50 of the world’s most spectacular locations.

  • Restore your inner peace: Leave stress behind and transport yourself to the world’s most powerful locations with 50 guided meditations.
  • Contains 55 cards in a gift box: 50 illustrated location cards and 5 guidance cards to help you get the most out of the deck.
  • Meditations for every mood: Choose from four categories: calm, energy, power or nature.
  • Immersive illustrations: Talented artist Amy Grimes depicts stunning and diverse landscapes from 6 different continents - there’s something for everyone.
  • Give the gift of relaxation: The perfect present for someone into travel, meditation, mindfulness or self-care.

To use the deck, choose a mood for your meditation - calm, energy, power or nature - then select a location from that category to transport yourself to. Put your location card between the ’beginning’ and ’ending’ card for that category and read the three texts in order to unlock the transformative power of the full guided meditation.

A visually relaxing, thoughtful gift for yourself or a friend, reach for these cards to quickly wind down in moments of overwhelm or stress. This soothing gift set is enlightening as well as uplifting. Learn about the specific visual details of different beauty spots around the world, with imagery and words to place yourself there and inspire feelings of belonging and peace. Overflowing with information about gloriously spiritual landscapes, you’re guaranteed to learn something new.

Includes a link to audio files, so you can listen to the guided meditations while meditating or looking at the stunning illustrations. Focus on transporting yourself to a place of calm and allow the words to wash over you.



Alison Davies lives in Norwich, and runs workshops at universities throughout the UK showing academics, students and early years practitioners how stories and narratives can be used as tools for teaching, healing and learning.

Amy Grimes is an illustrator based in London. Drawing inspiration from nature and the natural world, Amy’s work often features bright and bold illustrated motifs, floral icons and leafy landscapes. As well as working on commissioned illustrations, Amy also sells prints, textiles and stationery under the brand of Hello Grimes.



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