Innovation Leadership in Practice: How Leaders Turn Ideas Into Value in a Changing World

Innovation Leadership in Practice: How Leaders Turn Ideas Into Value in a Changing World

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Innovation leadership is essential to survive in today’s turbulent landscape. For many organisations, their environment is characterized by internationalization, customer centricity, digitalization, sustainability, and a call for greater diversity. In these volatile, uncertain, ambiguous, and complex (VUCA) settings, there is also the need to create new and sustainable sources of value.

How are current-day leaders helping to turn ideas into value, whether that be through new products, services, markets, experiences, partnerships, processes, or business models? What are the new competencies and skills required in order to respond and effectively innovate in a changing environment?

Innovation Leadership in Practice provides a unique source of new insights on the role of innovation leadership and effective practices through conceptual models, empirical case studies, development interventions, and tools.



Karina R. Jensen is Founder and Executive Director of Global Minds Network, an international advisory firm specializing in global innovation readiness solutions. She is also a Professor of Global Innovation and Leadership as well as a Practice Director of the Centre for Leadership and Organisational Effectiveness at NEOMA Business School in France.

Stephanie Kaudela-Baum is a Professor of Organization Studies, Innovation, and Leadership and Co-Head of the Competence Center Business Development, Leadership and HR at the Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts/Lucerne School of Business

Rob Sheffield is a visiting fellow at the University of West of England and Director at Bluegreen Learning. He has authored publications on innovation, including ’How Leaders Learn to Boost Creativity in Teams: Innovation Catalysts’.



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